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Refreshing Your Morning Routine

Having a steady and manageable routine in the morning is a strategy that can help set intentions for the day and promote productivity in daily life. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to find the motivation to get out of bed. One of the ways to help with this is by incorporating habits in the morning that are enjoyable and something to look forward to the night before. That way, getting out of bed will not be so difficult as there is something to look forward to. By creating a routine that is disappointing to miss, waking up can become easier and getting out of bed less of a challenge.

By constructing this routine, you will begin to see the results that come with consistency. This will eventually promote a happy and healthy mentality that will help you reset and refresh as you enter the new year. For many, there is something extremely satisfying about beginning a new year with new habits and daily steps aimed towards bettering productivity.

In order to choose the routine to take on with this new year, one must first do some personal evaluation of their lifestyle. Certain habits and rituals may be better suited and manageable for some people than others. The primary factors to consider during the creation stage of this new morning routine is sleep schedule, lifestyle habits, personal enjoyments and goals. Some routines that can be effective in starting the day are exercise, self-care and eating a healthy, filling breakfast.

Activities that get blood pumping and the body moving can feel amazing when starting a new day. To do this, short, easy exercises can be extremely helpful. Something as simple as a ten-minute yoga session can stretch out the lingering stiffness from the previous day and help refresh the mind. There are many instructors that have posted videos on YouTube that can guide you through a short session that is fitting for your needs. By taking part in this kind of movement, stress levels will be decreased, and it will become easier to look forward with a clear and focused mind. Or, for something a bit more exerting, Pilates is also a rewarding exercise technique that helps kickstart the body and set the intention for the day ahead. Even a short walk or run in the morning before beginning responsibilities can completely change the course of the day. By beginning the morning completing an exercise, the body will respond by being more alert and focused. This same feeling can be achieved by putting in the effort to have consistent self-care activities to take part in each morning.

Self care is one of the most lucrative ways to kickstart a dreary morning. By doing small things to take care of yourself, you will feel stronger and more awake. Not only is the construct of having routine able to help you structure your day, it will also help improve the body’s health. By doing small things such as caring for the hair, skin and body, confidence and mental health can improve.

One activity of self-care that is helpful to both the mind and body is investing in a skincare routine that feels good and refreshing. Beginning the day feeling fresh and rejuvenated can wake up the mind and help productive thought begin. Another self-care action that can help you move faster in the morning is taking time the night before to set aside clothes for the next day. This can help save time that would be spent searching your closet. Doing this can relieve stress while also help you feel more put together and prepared each day.

Keeping yourself moving and busy can help eliminate time that would be spent feeling unaccomplished or disappointed. By incorporating healthy habits that encourage exercise, self care, or healthy eating, your overall health will increase. Not only do these habits improve overall health, they also help unify the connection between your body and mind. By strengthening these connections, you will begin to feel more unified with your motions.

It is the methodic nature of these rituals that is beneficial. By creating a system of consistent tasks in the morning, they will become second nature over time. Having an achievable, enjoyable routine can be life changing. It will increase motivation, happiness, feelings of accomplishment and keep the mind feeling sharp and awake.

While self-care is important to any routine, making sure to eat a healthy breakfast every morning is the most important step when putting in the effort to rejuvenate one’s mornings.
As cliché as it sounds, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By ensuring that your body has fuel in the morning, you will feel more awake and prepared to take on the morning ahead. Healthy and balanced meals that are right for your body can alter yourenergy levels, happiness, motivation and thought processes. By feeding your body healthy nutrition such as fruit, carbs or vitamin rich foods in the morning, you will have a source of energy to pull from. Skipping breakfast can cause the body to feel depleted and exhausted. This can result in a change in your feelings towards going to work, being productive or simply completing everyday tasks. Your body needs consistent meals to function at its best, and it is important to implement breakfast into this equation.

By having a consistent morning routine that is manageable and right for your schedule, you will begin to see changes over time that impact your productivity greatly. These benefits will show in your interactions with others, your efforts in the workplace and your ability to think clearly. With each day that you are consistent with your practices, the benefits will build, leaving you feeling increasingly accomplished and prepared to take on the day full force.

Hannah is a college senior, graduating in May with a bachelor’s in journalism and a minor in photography. She enjoys art, reading, fashion and spending time outside.

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