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Reframing How to Set Your PR Goals- Not Based on Outcomes but on What Feels Good

A lot of people get stuck on getting started with something because they don’t know what to be aiming for. I find that people often overthink it, especially when it comes to PR, and So on this week’s episode, I want to argue a potentially unpopular reframe of how to set your goals. Which is, if you’re doing PR for yourself, your own brand, don’t overthink your outcomes or goals too much. Focus on what feels good.

I want to help eliminate any stress or hesitation you’ve had about starting your brands PR outreach and truly believe shifting the way you frame your goals will bring about more alignment and better media coverage for your brand. It’s time to stop overthinking and step into what lights you up! Listen in to hear more on how to do that and where to shift your focus to achieve a PR plan that you feel good about moving forward.

In this episode you will hear:

-The impact of all media coverage on your business
-Why it’s important to reach out to outlets you that align with you and not just your target customer
-Keys to building confidence in your media outreach
-How setting realistic goals yields results
-Why focusing on what feels good will bring momentum to your media coverage

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