Quotable Podcast Episode


Raising the Vibe in 2023

In this week’s episode I wanted to dive into raising your brand’s vibe in 2023.

What I mean by this is just taking your brand and turning it up to be a little stronger, so it becomes a little clearer and a little more obvious to your audience. Most people don’t see everything we do, and nothing we do comes across quite as strong as we think it does. They’re not sitting down and seeing your marketing plan the way that you are – they’re seeing everything out of order and with just a glimpse.

So how do we make sure your message is cohesive and clear for anyone that comes across your brand at any time? By taking it up a notch. Ramp it up so your personality really comes through, so the personality and vibe of your brand really show up enough to stand out in people’s minds and have an impact on them. Let’s make a decision to not make people have to wonder in 2023, let’s make it easy and clear for them to see what we’re all about this year and make sure our vibe really shines through.

In this episode you will learn:

-What it means to raise the vibe of your brand and why you need it in 2023

-Why showing the personality of your brand matters

-How to define your business’ vibe and make it shine

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