Rachael Meyers on the Power of Branding & True Community

This week I am so excited to be chatting with Rachael Meyers, founder of The Collective Co,

a coworking space for Boston women to work, gather, collaborate and feel a greater sense of self-worth.

Rachael grew up on the Massachusetts South Shore and after a ten year hiatus living and working in NYC, she and her husband decided to move back to raise their family. As a mother working from home she quickly realized how important it was to have a space dedicated to connection and creation, free from the distractions that home can bring with it. As she spoke with peers, friends and family she realized that she wasn’t alone in this need and set out to create The Collective Co.

Rachael and many other moms like her needed a space and community to nurture “all of the little identities” in their lives, outside of motherhood. So she started building out her business plan prior to the pandemic and was set to sign a lease on her new space the week before the world shut down. Listen in to hear how she used her background in marketing to begin building her business and community even without a physical space.

In this episode you will hear:

-How she launched a new business in the middle of the pandemic
-The nitty gritty details of finding and opening a brick and mortar space
-How she used the power of branding to build the business before having a physical space
-The importance of finding your niche & community to driving business forward
-How sharing what you have actually brings value- instead of takes away

Connect with Rachael:

Web: www.theccsouthshore.com
Instagram: @theccsouthshore
Facebook: @theccsouthshore
Podcast: www.theccsouthshore.com/thecc-podcast

Listen to Alessandra on the Collective Co. Podcast here.

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listen to the episode: