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Quotable Magazine Submission Guidelines

What to be a featured interview or share your expertise with an audience of other smart, driven business women? We offer three opportunities to be featured in Quotable Magazine, a magazine for entrepreneurial women. We do interview-style features, and accept editorial pitches on a certain topic or article that you think we should cover. Lastly, you can submit an original article you’ve written yourself for inclusion as a guest contributor and a chance to share your expertise word for word, if accepted. Email us to pitch any of these opportunities.

Please note, we only accept pitches for original guest posts that have not been published elsewhere. We only choose and publish articles that we know will be useful and interesting to our audience, and submission does not equal publication. We will reply to you within 3 weeks with a decision on publication. If we choose to go forward with publication of your piece, we reserve the right to change the title or make small edits.

To be featured in Quotable, or submit an article idea, email magazine@quotablemediaco.com.

To submit an article, please include a ~100 word bio, with contact info and social links at the end of it, and a headshot, along with the submission. Please use ARTICLE SUBMISSION as the subject of the email!

Topics must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Business & Finance (tips on the nitty gritty business or money stuff)
  • Life & Work (the integration/intersection, etc)
  • Business growth (leadership, mindset, personal development, etc)


Please note: not all submissions will be accepted, and there is no compensation for articles at this time. More articles are accepted for publication online than in the print issue, and being published online does not guarantee inclusion in the print issue. In order to be considered, articles should be:

  • Around 1000 words – anything excessively more or less may not be a good fit
  • An original article, not published elsewhere 
  • Written in the third person when possible- we want to share your expertise, but articles should come across as relevant to all, not your personal story
  • Specific- share advice and knowledge, not just general info. The more specific you get in your topic, the less likely it is that we have another similar article and we can use yours!
  • Actionable, and relevant to driven women business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Accompanied by a suggested title that is interesting and attention-grabbing 

We reserve the right to make small edits to cut down for length or clarity, and to change the title. By submitting your article you are agreeing that we have the right to publish it and share in any way we see fit. 

To submit: email magazine@quotablemediaco.com with your submission in the body of the email, or as a google doc with permissions open for sharing. Use subject: ARTICLE SUBMISSION

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