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Protecting Your Peace in 2023

Finding your peace and protecting it is one of the most crucial aspects of learning self-love and expression. When you are experiencing a season of peace, often you feel more open, patient, connected with yourself and emotionally available to others. Internal development and acceptance are two of the most peace-inducing revelations life can bring.

By finding self-acceptance, you will be kinder to others as you will no longer feel the need to project insecurities or frustrations onto other people. As you find your inner peace and connect with it, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to protect it.

Life can be hectic, and it is easy to get caught up in mindsets of discontentment or stress. It can seem as if you are drowning in responsibilities, and the uncertainty of the future is reason enough to cause anxiety. While everyone struggles with these feelings, by putting in the effort to be protective of your inner peace, you will find an internal strength beginning to take root. From here, it will be easier to set your sights on the future and feel more at peace for what is to come. You will learn to live in the moment and appreciate the here and now. Once you have achieved this, it will be a feeling so euphoric, you will have a desire to protect it.

Your inner peace is foundationally your internalized happiness or contentment. Inner peace is highly dependent on your surroundings, your friends, your lifestyle and how you treat your body. It is also a fortitude of sorts. To have an inner peace that is lasting and strong, you must be willing to protect that peace ferociously.

Set Healthy Boundaries

The choice to protect your peace essentially means fighting against the anxieties that life presents by separating yourself when appropriate or taking time to yourself to reevaluate. Sometimes it is as simple as taking a step back and spending time in reflection to find your peace. Other times, it is not so simple. When times do get tough, it can be almost too easy to slip into a mindset of defeat. Being able to maintain your peace during these times can seem impossible. That’s why it’s important to have tools at your disposal to keep your peace even in the tough times.


One way to fight against these dark feelings and become more in touch with your inner peace is through practices like meditation. Meditation is meant to calm thoughts and encourage the connection between mind and soul. Incorporating meditation into your day will allow you the environment needed to internally reflect. It is a practice to quiet the mind and other noises that exist outside the body and immerse you in a silence that is clear of thought.

As you meditate, your body will naturally begin to relax and find inner peace. If possible, try to fit meditation into your morning routine. This will help set your intentions for the day ahead and help you see each new day as a clean slate. If you can create your own peace in this way, you will be able to go back to that place whenever you need it.

Practice What Works for You

As you begin to root your peace, the practices that work for you in protecting it will become clearer. There will be certain methods that work more efficiently for you than others. If meditation does not help you recover during trying times, you may be more suited for an activity that is mind stimulating rather than quieting. A practice like yoga, running, artistic pursuits or visiting a museum could help you reset in the ways your body needs. It is important to remember that prioritizing yourself for the sake of your inner peace is sometimes necessary. It is okay to prioritize yourself during mental health struggles.

Practices that stimulate the mind or feed your passions can be extremely energizing to your peace and soul. If you are passionate about exercise or the flow of the body, practices such as yoga, going to the gym or running may be perfect for you. But, if your passion lies elsewhere with activities such as art, take time to partake in an art form or go to an art museum. Ultimately, it is up to you to find the practice or ritual that suits you and helps protect your peace.

Protect Your Peace at Work

Sometimes, while working in a professional environment, it can become difficult to prioritize anything other than business responsibilities. Especially for women who have extremely demanding positions. But, at the end of the day, when you allow your mental health to falter in exchange for work responsibilities, it will eventually catch up to you. By learning to recognize a threat to your personal peace and addressing it early, you may notice your mental health being in a better state than ever before.

When you have an inner peace that is unmovable, your work performance will most likely be at its best as you notice a sense of calm. A well-maintained inner peace will help boost your motivation and efforts in the workplace, resulting in an overall improvement in performance.

A person that has a protected peace gives off an energy that shows they are self-assured and open to the efforts of other people. This type of energy causes those around you to take note of your vitality and respond accordingly. Overall, by having a strong inner peace and protecting it fiercely, you will be helping to improve your own work performance as well as that of your coworkers.

For women, sometimes the pressure to prove ourselves can be a lot to deal with. Even in today’s progressive world, there are still times we feel that as women we need to prove ourselves as leaders, or as bosses for our own company. By having a fortitude of peace that is steady and protected, you will find yourself unbothered by those who may doubt your abilities.

The benefits of protecting your peace are innumerable. Not only will your personal mental state and life benefit, it will also be a positive influence on those around you. You will be able to work smarter and mold yourself into the strongest businesswoman possible.

Hannah is a college senior, graduating in May with a bachelors in journalism and a minor in photography. She enjoys art, reading, fashion and spending time outside.

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