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Podcast Rebrand Announcement – The Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast is now Quotable

The Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast is now Quotable: a female millennial entrepreneur podcast!

This episode is a little different from our normal episodes with business advice or a guest who shares their story and best tips. Today I am updating you on what’s been going on “behind the scenes” in my business!

We have just completed a total rebrand- meaning the whole company has a whole new name and we have added new components to the business. We will still have the PR agency and this podcast, but it’s all been refreshed and rebranded, and we added an online magazine which I am so excited about!

Listen in to hear all about the how and why behind this total rebrand!

In this episode, you will hear:
-Why it was time for a total rebrand
-What the rebranding process was like
-Why a name change was so important
-What you can expect from our new brand and website

Let me know what you think of the new website and name!

My team and I are so excited about the launch of our new online magazine called Quotable Magazine on our new website. It is similar to this podcast in that it is by and for female entrepreneurs with articles by women who share their expertise on all things business- to help you grow and thrive and stay inspired. Check it out today!

You can find and connect with me @quotablemedia.co or quotablemediaco.com.

For any show ideas, to submit a guest to the podcast, or if you have any questions, please visit quotablemediaco.com/podcast.

listen to the episode:

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