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Planning Your Promotional Strategy for the End of the Year

What should your promotional strategy be for the rest of this year

to not only create success for the end of 2019 but also set you up for January? Many times I see people make the mistake of waiting until January 1 to start promoting the service or product they want to sell in January/the new year. Don’t make this mistake! Marketing takes time so you need to start promoting now by setting your audience up with the information and background that they’ll need in order to be ready to take part in what you’re offering as soon as you’re ready to sell. Get clear on what you want to be known for next year, what you want people to ‘take away’ about your business or offerings, and then create a strategy around getting visibility on that.

Listen in to find out four ways you can promote your brand through the end of the year and set your brand up for success next year.

listen to the episode:

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