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Our Top Stationery Picks at Quotable Magazine

Meet some of our team and find a new favorite brand and boss lady to inspire you.

Alessandra Pollina: Founder + CEO

If you’re like Alessandra, your taste in stationery is “clean, crisp, and purposeful.”
Alessandra is the CEO of Quotable Media Co., and her go-to pick is Ink+Volt. Ink+Volt was founded by girlboss Kate Matsudaira. She shares that her goal for the brand is to help her customers reach their dreams and she created Ink+Volt with the success of her customers in mind. One item at a time, Matsudaira is helping her shoppers achieve their goals. Shop Ink+Volt at

Image Credit: @inkandvolt on Instagram

Grace Holladay: Contributing Writer

If you’re like Grace, you like stationery that airs “organic, warm, and welcoming.”
Grace is a contributing writer for Quotable Magazine and shares that one of her favorite stationery brands is Cavallini & Co. Founded in 1989, Cavallini & Co. has a rich history of creating unique stationery with impeccable quality. You can shop Cavallini & Co. at

Image Credit: @cavallinipapers on Instagram

Erin Flaherty: Magazine Editorial Intern

If you’re like Erin, your taste in stationery is “practical, bright and motivating.”
Erin is one of our very own interns. One of her favorite brands for stationery is All Things Lilly Ann. All Things Lilly Ann was crafted by Lilly, a letterer and illustrator based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since she tried her hand at her creative ability in lettering and illustration for years before creating her brand, Lilly Ann is no stranger to the beauty of good stationary and all possible sentiments it can provide. She shares on her site that she decided to take the leap and create her dream company, All Things Lilly Ann, and runs the company with her husband. You can shop All Things Lilly Ann at

Image Credit: website

Rebecca Ince: Magazine Editorial Intern

If you’re like me, your type of stationary is “neutral, functional, and minimalistic.”
I’m also a magazine editorial intern, and my favorite stationery company is CLOTH & PAPER. CLOTH & PAPER was founded by boss lady Ashley Reynolds. The brand is a passion project for Reynolds, who shares on the brand website her history of a love for all things stationery. She started with absolutely no experience in graphic design but took the steps she needed to make CLOTH & PAPER the thriving brand it is today. Shop Ashley’s products and read more about her story at

Image Credit: @cloth_and_paper on Instagram

Bianca Somner: Executive Assistant + Account Coordinator

If you’re like Bianca, you opt for stationery that is “simple, feminine and chic.”
Bianca is the executive assistant and account coordinator for Quotable Media Co. Her stationery brand of choice is Sugar Paper. Sugar Paper’s story starts with two best friends: founder Chelsea Shukov and co-founder Jamie Grobecker. After some experimenting with a letterpress in 2003, demand arose for their skill, as they helped a friend with a project. The duo shared they “took a risk” and worked to build a brand that would burst out further than the digital space. You can shop Sugar Paper at

Image Credit: @sugarpaperla on Instagram

And those are our top stationery picks from yours truly, here at Quotable Media Co.! We hope that you found a new brand to give a try and even got inspired by some of the female founders mentioned.

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