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Our Favorite Boston Influencers to Follow

for a daily dose of inspo

Looking for daily inspiration in Boston? We’ve curated a list of our favorite Boston influencers who are sure to add a spark of creativity and motivation to your feed. From exploring unique restaurants to offering fashion tips for all sizes, delish recipes, and mindful parenting advice, each influencer offers unique lifestyle inspiration and wellness tips. Scroll down to see who they are and follow them on social media to engage with their content and be part of their active communities. Here are our top picks:


Exploring unique and inclusive places for food and more, Marwa shares videos that give tons of info on places you need to add to your bucket list and handy roundups of fun things to do each month, so you can add to your schedule and not end up with fomo.


Jean is petite, and her fashion tips are geared toward petite girls, but we think her classic finds also provide inspo that works for all sizes. Plus, we love that she launched her own clothing brand, Edited Pieces, that you can shop online.


We followed Broma Bakery (along with almost 776,000 other people) long before we had any idea Sarah was actually a Boston girl. Her baked goods are so gorgeous it inspires us to break out the baking pans even if our treats never look quite as good.


On our favorite parenting page, Lisa shares her experience with gentle parenting and tips on how we can bring conscious parenting to our families, all alongside adorable pics of her sweet boys.


We dare you to take one look at this page and not be inspired to set up an aesthetic nook for the next holiday or redecorate your kids room. Mrs. Cofield is the decorator we all wish we could be, bringing joy and celebration to the every day.

Stay inspired every day with our favorite Boston influencers! For restaurants and fun things to do, follow @bostonfoodjournal. @jeanwang offers fashion tips for all sizes and her own brand, Edited Pieces. Get baking inspiration from @bromabakery’s treats, and for mindful parenting tips, head to @consciouslylisa. Redecorate with @mrsscofieldandco for joy and celebration. Follow these influencers to elevate your daily inspiration!

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