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Our Editor Tried Magic Mind and this is What Happened

As the Editor in Chief of Quotable Magazine and the owner of Quotable Media Co, Alessandra Pollina is managing a lot of details that matter. She is keeping track of all the things that help her clients feel taken care of, getting results for them and then also managing family life. So when she was gifted Magic Mind to try right when back-to-school season is upon us, it was an easy, “yes!” If you haven’t heard of Magic Mind, it is matcha-based energy shots that are made to help you crush procrastination, brain fog, & fatigue. Magic Mind is also made with natural ingredients, no sugar, is nut free, vegan, keto, and paleo friendly.

So here is what happened when Alessandra tried Magic Mind:

She drank less coffee.

When Alessandra started incorporating Magic Mind into her daily routine, she unintentionally drank less afternoon coffee. She said, “I’ve been using Magic Mind for the last couple of weeks now and it’s helped to sustain my mental energy. I just don’t feel the need for as much coffee everyday. Whereas normally I would go for multiple cups of coffee to feel energized and focused.”

She felt more focused

In addition to staying energized, Alessandra also found that drinking Magic Mind Energy shots also helped her to stay more focused throughout the day. As the leader of her business, she is always managing a lot of important details, which requires a good amount of focus. She found it was easier to stay on top of the little details, even in the midst of a new school schedule for her son and onboarding new clients. She said, “And I’ve been loving how energized and focused my days have felt since incorporating Magic Mind into my daily routine.”

She felt more creative

With Magic Mind popularity rising with celebrities, like Joe Rogan who had it on his podcast and the Kardashians, it’s no surprise that Alessandra also found a burst of creativity. Heading into Q4 requires careful business planning and acumen, but in the industry of media & publishing, it also requires creativity. Since trying Magic Mind, Alessandra has found that fresh ideas are coming more naturally, allowing her to dig into creative thinking with ease.

So if you’re feeling the need for more energy and focus while running your business during back-to-school, we would highly recommend trying out Magic Mind. You can get it at And get up to 56% off your subscription for the next 10 days with code QAFEP20. We recommend trying the 30 pack because it’s the best value. Let us know if you try Magic Mind by commenting on this article’s Instagram post!

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