Positively effervescent and lively, Tara Clark is an open book about all things Modern Mom Probs. As the founder of Modern Mom Probs, Tara is passionate about her thriving community of moms across the nation and works to make the lives of all moms easier. In her eyes, all moms are working moms. A job that never stops and constantly keeps you on the move, Tara Clark’s book “Modern Mom Probs” is what every 21st century mom needs to survive the day. Informational and friendly, the handy survival guide helps all moms everywhere navigate the chaotic beauty that is motherhood.

With a successful book and a thriving community on social media, Tara Clark was ready to take her brand to the next level, which sparked the creation of her new Modern Mom Style Box. Launched in September, Modern Mom Probs is now ready to land at your doorstep to make your life simpler with the Modern Mom Style Box.

I sat down with the wonderful Tara Clark to talk more about how Modern Mom Probs came to be and just how useful the Modern Mom Style Box is for the modern mom.

How did Modern Mom Probs come about? What circumstances led you to believe in this brand and community to the point that it’s become such a big part of your life and other people’s lives as well?

I was looking for a creative outlet or hobby and Instagram had just launched so I said to my friends, “I’m going to start an Instagram page about motherhood.” At this point, meme pages were just starting. The account was originally called NYC Mom Probs because at the time I lived in New York. Soon after we moved out of the city, and I didn’t have NYC mom problems anymore, I had Modern Mom Probs. As soon as I switched the name to Modern Mom Probs the account just took off! And then the community grew into a true community where we could talk about the hard conversations about motherhood: miscarriage, post-partum depression, and mental health. All these things that weren’t necessarily talked about previously. I’m so glad we can normalize these conversations and that Modern Mom Probs is a place where we can tell the truth about how it’s okay that we’re not perfect because there’s a community here where people can share and support us.

As for the book, last year I was able to get a book deal and I love the book because it’s a true sign of the zeitgeist of what it’s like to be a mom in 2020. Basically, it’s an analogue of the Modern Mom Probs’ Instagram account too. And the book goes through 99 problems and ultimately, I say that “I got 99 problems, but motherhood isn’t one”.

Can you tell me about the Modern Mom Style Box that you just launched and how that helps the modern mom?

Yes! During the pandemic, we wore a lot of sweatpants and leggings. For me, I also gained a bit of weight and not all my pants fit me like they used to. And now that we’re having a return to normal, we’re starting to need clothes again. We have school pick-up and drop-off, play dates, coffee with friends, and going to the office. Modern moms need cute clothes.

Introducing, the Modern Mom Style Box where members can sign up for a membership where you receive three items of clothing that you select on our website. You closet your own clothes in your virtual closet and once you hit 20 items it triggers it to send the box to you. You try on the three items of clothing and if you like them, you can keep them for as long as you want; if you don’t you can send them back and return shipping is already paid for. And it’s with USPS, so you don’t have to drop it off anywhere, your regular mailman can just pick it up and that’s it. Once you send it back, you’ll be sent the next three items of clothing that you had saved in your closet. For $60 a month, you can have unlimited clothes sent to your house.

And what I love about this is that you can constantly look like you have stylish, fresh clothes because sometimes it’s hard to be wearing the same four shirts or the same four pairs of pants. It’s hard to make that work but with the Modern Mom Style Box, moms have access to all these new clothes. I’m just excited for moms to wear something cute and feel confident because when you wear clothes that you feel good in it helps your overall wellbeing.

And what happens to the clothes that get sent back? Do they have to be washed and cleaned before being sent back or is that something your team handles?

Moms are busy people and so if there’s any way that we’re able to make a mom’s life easier that’s what we do. You don’t have to wash the clothes you send back; we handle that, and we sanitize them, double-wash them, and inspect them before they get sent out again.

Where do these clothes from the Modern Mom Style Box get sourced from? Are there specific retail brands that you partner with?

I’m partnered with a company called Caastle and they handle the backend logistics of it so we’re collaborating with big brands like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, LOFT and some smaller companies as well. My team are the ones that sanitize, wash, and send out these clothes from the warehouse facilities.

Throughout your career with Modern Mom Probs, has there been anyone along the way that you’ve met that has inspired, supported, or influenced you?

I’m so lucky because we as mom members or mom bloggers, have a really good community. I support my friends and my friends support me. We’re always promoting and sharing each other’s books and other things. We have a tight community and I’m so thankful to have the friends that I have. They might live in Arizona or Florida, but these are my best friends. They’re the ones you call when you’re having a bad day, need career advice, or just need someone to talk to. It’s a really strong community.

We as modern moms need that community. I was in New York City; I didn’t really have my own community or other mom friends, so I created my own community. That’s why I say they’re my closest friends; they’re the ones I started out with years ago.

What has been the most significant moment in your career or building your brand?

I definitely think that writing the book was something that was very special. Like I said, this was the analogue version of my digital account. So, that was a very high and crowning achievement that I’m quite proud of.

I also remember vividly a business lunch I attended 20 years ago when I was at my first job right out of college. My boss and co-workers were all talking about business ideas, and I said, “Someday, I’m going to invent a company where you can rent clothes and then give them back and get new clothes.” And everyone laughed at me. They didn’t understand and called it a dumb idea. And now, here we are 20 years later where I’m doing exactly what I dreamt of doing, but with the Modern Mom Style Box.

So, hold on to your dreams! Even if it takes 20 years!

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