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Michelle Wax – High Caliber Dating & Relationships

What’s your business and how did you get started?

I am a high caliber dating coach who works with men and women to elevate their mindset, confidence, and practical strategy to catapult into an amazing relationship that lasts! In 2019, I traveled to all 50 states and interviewed 500+ people to learn about how the everyday person creates a happy and fulfilling relationship- both with their partner and also with themselves. I distilled down hundreds of hours of conversations into my signature ‘Be The One’ method- where I guide clients and support them with creating the reality and relationship they want while working together. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years, starting in the food + beverage industry here in Boston and progressing into the personal development + relationship space after my trip in 2019!

What’s your favorite thing about being a business owner?

I love the freedom and creativity that comes with being a business owner. You are able to create something from nothing- creating the reality and business that you want to have from simply an idea- is really invigorating for me! Also being able to make your own schedule is always great- especially when it’s warm weather here in Boston!

What keeps you motivated in the midst of challenges?

When I feel down, I look back on what has already happened in my life that felt like a challenge at the time and remember that it led me to where I am today. Building the internal trust in myself and the universe that everything is coming together and happening as it should (even if I don’t feel like it that day!) is really powerful.

Tell us about your morning or evening routine.

Each morning I do a future self visualization where I tap into the version of myself one year from now who is living life fully in the way I want to be. I tap into how she’s feeling, what her days are like, etc! I also start off the day with a brief walk near the ocean and listening to an inspiring podcast episode and/or positive content.

What’s one thing you’re currently working toward or expected growth for the future?

I am currently getting certified to create custom self hypnotic tracks to allow my clients to rewire their subconscious minds more quickly and with more ease. This is one of the modalities I have used personally to help create more trust, more joy, and more confidence + belief in myself- so I can’t wait to be able to offer this to clients as well!

What’s your best business advice you give to other women?

Work on cultivating your mindset and trust in yourself just as much as your actual business/product. Being an entrepreneur, there are so many moments where you’re doing things differently than other people, or there isn’t a clear path forward, and in those moments it’s SO important how your brain is interpreting what’s happening. Are you seeing it as an opportunity for growth? Or a setback that’s going to be super hard to be nearly impossible to come back from? I have discovered that your perception of yourself and your business is everything and determines success a lot more than simply if you have a good product/service.

Connect with Michelle:

Website: www.michellewax.com
Instagram: @michellewaxdating

Contact: hello@michellewax.com

  1. Michael Falzone says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I have a concern. There is a pre-dating event in my home city. I have not gone to one in several years. I used to go with the hopes of finding some as opposed to relaxing and having a good time. How do I shift that mindset since I haven’t done it in a while? And if I do make a connection, how do I let my guard down in case I get hurt again? Since I have trust issues with strangers in general. Men and Women?

    Also, when I meet these women for the 6 minute time allotted, what do you recommend I talk about in order to hold their interest the whole time?

    Let me know your thoughts.


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