Melissa Boloña on the Healing Power of Broth

In this week’s episode we hear from Melissa Boloña,

In this week’s episode we hear from Melissa Boloña, Founder and CEO of Beauty & the Broth, a shelf stable, subscription based bone and vegetable broth business. Melissa is a former model and actress that has graced magazine covers, worked with the world’s best makeup artists, and sampled every top beauty product out there, yet she still credits bone broth as her #1 beauty secret. After falling in love with broth and wishing there were more local spots to grab a mug of it, Melissa knew this was the business she was meant to create. Listen in to hear why she fell in love with bone broth and how she launched Beauty & the Broth, the first of its kind in the bone broth world.

In this episode you will hear:

-How and Why Melissa launched Beauty and the Broth

-The incredible benefits of bone broth on your beauty and wellness

-Why you should consider replacing your coffee or tea with bone broth

-Melissa’s sales & marketing strategy for her startup business

-Why the sales funnel matters

-How branding has impacted sales

-Melissa’s recipe for happiness as an entrepreneur

-Melissa’s key to building lifetime customers

Connect with Melissa:

Web: thebeautyandthebroth.com
Instagram: @thebeautyandthebroth, @melissabolona
Facebook: @beautyandthebroth

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Listen to the Episode:

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