Unveiling the Morning Routine of 3 Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Mornings shape our day. Finding a good morning routine that works for you is the key to a productive day. These three successful female entrepreneurs attribute their routines to enhancing their productivity and time management, each taking a unique approach. Read more to learn how to craft the perfect morning routine.

Johanna Walker

Speaking Coach & Founder of Johanna Walker, LLC

I wake up between 5:30-6:00 AM, do some gentle stretching, then go outside to get sunlight on my eyes for at least 10 minutes. Which usually leads to a walk, but sometimes I just stand or sit in my yard and look at the sun. Then I come back in for breakfast. Before sitting down at my computer to work, I read a business-building book for at least 15 minutes, and journal/connect with my business and life vision for 15 minutes.

Which means that by the time I sit at my desk to work, I already feel like I’ve been on a retreat for a couple of hours, and I am fresh and ready to dive in. It has been a GAME CHANGER.

How to implement it: This morning routine is all about starting your day by connecting with your higher purpose. Let’s be honest, being a female entrepreneur can get stressful, don’t let yourself lose sight of why you embarked on this journey and how far you’ve come. Starting your mornings off reconnecting with yourself, and affirming your ability, vision, and purpose is a good way to set the tone for the day and instill motivation, reminding you that all of your hard work pays off.

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Katherine Arnett

Image Consultant & Founder of Capsule Wardrobe Stylist

Learning to manage my time as an entrepreneur is what has led to success in my business. Success is a habit. It’s not something that suddenly happens, it’s the result of hard work. What do I mean by hard work? Well doing what you love doesn’t always feel easy. Especially as a woman and an entrepreneur, there are many demands on our time. I set aside my mornings for work that feels hard. The ‘hard work’ changes every day, but it’s decidedly different from my work with clients. Client work is easy, it’s the part of my day I love. The difference? I am energized by the work I do with my clients. The ‘hard work’ takes away my energy.

I get up at the same time every day, make coffee, feed the kitties (I have two!), and sit down at my desk to work. If my brain is foggy, I start with a brain dump. I write for 15 minutes—anything that comes to mind. This gets my brain problem-solving. What should I do today, what needs to get done, what bigger projects am I working towards, and what do I need to prioritize? When I ask myself these questions, my brain starts thinking of answers. Bam. I have a to-do list for the day. All it took was sitting down at my desk to write.

I spend my mornings doing the hard work—business, finances, marketing—anything that isn’t directly client-related. I take a break for breakfast when I get hungry and work again until lunch. This is when I reset and switch gears. I shower and get ready for the day which for me starts in the afternoon when I start the work I love.

How to implement: Assess your to-do list: what tasks do you dread the most and which tasks leave you feeling drained? What tasks do you love and what tasks are you excited for? Color code your weekly planner based on your favorite tasks, least favorite tasks, and tasks you just feel neutral about. Next comes trial and error. Try doing the hard tasks first one day, the next do the neutral, and the next do the easiest first. Pay attention to how you feel and how productive you are, whichever method leaves you feeling the most energized stick to it!

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Heidi Hamels

Fitness Coach & CEO + Founder of Hedi Hamels Fit

Many entrepreneurs who are balancing work with motherhood tend to prioritize the needs of their businesses and families over their own well-being. A morning routine that includes self-care, such as exercise or nutritious breakfasts, ensures that they invest time in themselves, promoting overall health and vitality.

As a fitness coach and a mom of 5, I’ve come to understand the impact a structured morning routine can have on our physical and mental well-being. The early hours of the day serve as the groundwork for our productivity levels. Starting the day with a well-thought-out routine can also help reduce stress levels. By taking control of your morning and avoiding rushed, chaotic starts, you create a buffer against stress, allowing you to face challenges with a clearer mind.

First and foremost is the ’30-30-30′ principle. Within the initial 30 minutes of waking up, I prioritize fueling my body with 30 grams of protein. This kickstarts my metabolism and ensures I’m meeting a significant portion of my daily protein intake right from the beginning. A protein-packed breakfast not only supports muscle recovery and growth but also provides sustained energy throughout my day.

Following breakfast, I transition into 30 minutes of invigorating cardio. Whether it’s a brisk run, cycling, or a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session, this exercise boosts my heart rate, enhances endurance, and promotes overall cardiovascular health.

Next on the agenda is 30 minutes of weight training. Incorporating resistance exercises early in the morning not only builds strength and tones muscles but also triggers the afterburn effect, where the body continues to burn calories post-workout.

Lastly, I consume another 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of completing my workout. This supports muscle recovery and maximizes the benefits of the weight training session.

How to implement: For those with goals to improve their health and fitness, but feel like they’re too busy with work to allot themself the time, this is the perfect morning routine for you. Find a healthy and high protein, but delicious breakfast and post-workout snack that satisfies your morning cravings, this way you will have something in the morning to look forward to, an incentive to get up, get your workout in, and start your day. Check out this article for some protein-packed breakfast ideas!

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There is no textbook answer to what the perfect morning routine is, as we all have different needs, goals, and chronotypes. It’s important that through trial and error, we create a personalized approach to kick-starting our day, leaving us feeling energized, productive, and fulfilled. We hope these morning routines will inspire you to experiment, tailor, and personalize your own routine, paving your way to success!

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