Starting an Eco-Friendly Kids Clothing Business

I am so excited to have Marianna Sachse on the show today!

She is another amazing female entrepreneur who created her business after seeing a need in the marketplace. She is the founder and owner of Jackalo, a company that makes long-lasting, sustainable clothing for active kids.
Marianna is a mother of two who was tired of clothes that constantly had holes and wear and tear from her kids play and explorations. When she investigated kids clothing companies, what she found was unfair work environments, huge contribution to pollution and waste, and a lack of causes that she could feel good about investing in. So she decided to build her own company. Listen in to find out how she did it and how she is creating amazing ways to get the most out of kids clothing, like with her trade up program.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Marianna found a hole in the marketplace and researched to create and build her company
  • Her long term vision for Jackalo and the impact it can have on families and the earth
  • Marianna’s advice for starting a business and what she wish she had known before starting hers

Thanks so much for listening!

Other resources and links mentioned in this episode:


Connect with Marianna on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest @hellojackalo

The book Marianna recommends is Playing Big by Tara Sophia Mohr

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