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Managing Stress to Avoid Burnout

Ericka is a functional nutritionist and health coach

who helps high-achieving, female entrepreneurs increase business and relationship success by beating burnout and making health a priority. She discovered the power of coaching out of necessity. As an ex-corporate girl, coming from a business and entrepreneurial background, with perfectionistic tendencies that affected all areas of her life, she experienced physical burnout twice. After suffering from hormone imbalance, developing a compromised immune system, hypothyroidism, sudden weight gain, memory loss, and adrenal fatigue, she found that stress management and support is key.
When not running her business, she is a busy wife and mom of 3 teenagers who loves sharing the best ways to manage it all with grace and ease!

Her Best Advice:

“Followers do not equate to revenue. I was so crazy focused on how many followers I had, how many people were on my email list, but the reality of it was that even as those numbers increased, I wasn’t seeing the revenue that should have been coming from that.”

“Give yourself grace. There’s plenty of time to get all the things done. I think as we start out we think all of the things should be done all at one time, at the same time. We don’t allow ourselves to have that margin in our schedule because we’re just going. Allow yourself to take one thing at a time.”

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Podcast: Vulnerable You: Stress Unscripted

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