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Live, Love, Heal – An interview with Steph Palermo

If there is anything we can all agree on it’s that we all want to live our best lives. While that will look different for every person, it’s something deep down we all hope for. After years of struggles, Steph Palermo, the founder of Just Steph®, decided it was time to go after living her best life. Now she’s teaching others how to do the same. We got to sit down with Steph to hear about her journey of love, life and healing that led her to launch the Just Steph® show, author 2 books and launch her own intuitive healing business.

To start off, can you describe what the purpose of Just Steph® is and how you came to create this business venture?

I help second lifers incorporate spiritual practice into their lives. I teach my clients and audiences how to meld that spiritual practice into their daily realities, and that being connected to something greater than themselves will bring peace, joy, abundance and less stress. It’s about changing the way they think and feel about themselves, their lives and the world around them, and maybe even the world in general, because we are all connected.

I always felt that my journey, my struggles, my life was not in vain. And that there was a great purpose for me. I continued on a specific path, but all the while, knowing that there was more. I struggled within myself. I was struggling with who I was, and because I had these spiritual gifts that were getting stronger, I knew there was more for me.

I had to figure it out, and so I started writing, and I got on the radio. I got some air time, but how do we make money while having fun? Because I love my life, and it’s fun, and I love talking with people, and I love helping them. And I love my books and writing.

How do you believe your life experiences shaped your role as an entrepreneur?

I don’t think I could be where I am right now without having gone through this, because I feel differently inside. Every day is fun. This is the best day of my life. Money keeps rolling in, clients keep coming in. I am grounded in the fact that I am on this earth to do this work. I am here to change lives. I know this. It really was taking the gifts that I was born with, and adding gifts to that, while recognizing them. And then being confident that this is the work that I’m here to do, this is my purpose. This is why I’m here. I mean, this is the bigger reason.

What do you hope clients get out of your business?

My clients and audiences need to have a vision of a liberated life, a life that’s free of the shackles that keep them from being authentic.

They are being guided by God through me to live their best life and have fun. It’s just changing their mindset. Then I’ll help them through the other things.

How would you describe your experiences as an entrepreneur in an industry that is rather unconventional?

The experience of all of it has been up and down. It really has. It’s been a lot of disappointments, a lot of tears, a lot of trial and error, a lot of having to remind myself of how far I’ve come, a lot of fear that I was going to fail.

Everything is a spiritual journey. Everything that we do has a spiritual component to it. I’ve had to fight my own internal spiritual battles; I’ve had to fight the spiritual battles that came from other people, you know. But a lot of times it’s not about fighting, it’s just going, ‘I got this.’

What are your biggest takeaways from this business and lifestyle?

Living is loving. Life is not a competition. Humans have been competing against each other since the great separation; children wanting to be their parents’ favorite, becoming jealous when other siblings have their attention, girls excluding classmates to keep up the popular facade, fighting over boyfriends, competing for college acceptances, and then who is getting that promotion.

There is nothing that is worth this kind of fighting– nothing. There is plenty of everything, food, jobs, friends, money. It’s all there for everyone to enjoy. You have been lied to. Living, truly living is not an Olympic event, a race or a back alley brawl.

Authentic living is breathing, loving, laughing, crying, holding, smiling, supporting, creating, being. You get it. It boils down to the internal power struggle to feel worthy. This plague strikes every class, race, religion, and political party.

We are here with different desires, unique gifts, and individual purposes. Then it becomes clear that we are sitting on the same bench playing on the same field. You are here to love, be loved and co-create with the divine Creator. You are here to live out your purpose and share your gifts with your teammates. There is only one team, and we only win when every one of us works together to offer peace, joy, and love to ourselves and each other.

The source of all healing is love. Once you start to realize there’s more to life, it’s very difficult to go backwards. Situations become a lot easier to handle. And there’s less stress and frustration, and you just let things go.

Your purpose is tantamount to the equilibrium of the universe.

How did you choose the specific sectors of this business, like retreats in Sicily and your radio show?

I was learning lessons, and I grew and changed. My life was completely transformed by spending time in Sicily. And I said, “You know what, I love it here; I want to bring people here, and I want to teach them what I learned here, and to help them to create the life that was meant for them.”

With that came the radio show. I love radio. I just always loved it. I always loved it when I was a kid. I used to call into the radio stations all the time just trying to get on, even if it was just to request a song.

When I moved back to Boston, by the time I was settled we went into lockdown, so I spent that time finishing my latest book, and just always knowing that I wanted to get back on the radio.

Sometimes when you’re new to business, you look at the way other people are doing things, and you adopt it because you think that’s the right thing to do, but it doesn’t sit right. So I decided I’m going to start to just do things the way that I want to do them.

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Can you walk us through the process of your 1:1 soul guidance sessions?

The first session is two and a half hours, and it’s really about diving into who you are, what’s going on in your life, and what I need to know. I’ll get a feel for it. I might read it. Read some cards for them, and just get a good feel. It really is not cookie cutter.

I’m also a certified trainer for infinite possibilities, which basically helps people understand that thoughts become things. How important your beliefs are, where your emotions fall in all of this, and how to take inspired action and what that inspired action will help you to accomplish. You basically bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. So I incorporate that into my sessions, as well.

What inspired you to write a few books? Can you share more about, “It’s Not Personal Sonny, It’s Business”?

Growing up in a Sicilian family inspired me to share how to incorporate Sicilian values into other’s lives. I talk about love in the book. Sicilians are very passionate; they love deeply, they love fiercely. They’ll always have your back. Love is a big deal for them.

I wanted to share relatable stories from my life being raised in a Sicilian home. Taking all those good traditions and values and bringing them forward today and melding them with our capacity to communicate. That means having balance, shutting the phones off at the dinner table, spending time with people. “It’s not Personal Sonny, It’s Business” applies all of those old-school values to today and inspires people to embrace life and enjoy every moment.

What are your goals for the future?

To expand, to grow. I want to get into corporate and into businesses, even if they’re small businesses and teach them about my book and about Infinite Possibilities. I want to meld the two. I would love to have teams come and lead a corporate retreat. I’m going to buy a house in Sicily, and I’m going to have a retreat house.

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