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Lilly Stairs Launches Chronic Boss Collective

Where Health and Wellness Meets Ambition

About 60% of adults live with at least one chronic disease. 50 million people live with an autoimmune disease, and 57 million more have a mental health condition. 8 million people have ADHD, and millions live with cancer. Living with a chronic condition can be jarring and challenging, but should not stop you from living up to your full potential. Lilly Stairs has launched Chronic Boss Collective to create a place for driven, ambitious businesswomen who live with chronic conditions to meld their powers together and help each other be their best selves.

“I’ve had the privilege to meet extraordinary women living with chronic conditions and changing the world. It is my belief that harnessing the collective power of these women to help each other level up in our life, health, and careers will be pure magic and that’s why I created the Chronic Boss Collective.” – Lilly Stairs

Chronic Boss Co Quotable Magazine

What is Chronic Boss Collective?

Chronic Boss Collective is a first of its kind powerful network of businesswomen for determined women who are living with chronic illness and looking to further their careers. Upon membership, these women come together, collaborate, and create a space where their self-care and work are equally balanced. Membership in Chronic Boss Collective is for “wildly ambitious” women who are struggling with any chronic illness, whether it’s an autoimmune disease, chronic pain, or mental illness. Through this alliance, members will further their networking and grow their professional development all while setting boundaries, maintaining balance, and achieving the forms of self-care they need to thrive. Living with chronic illness can be challenging, but the challenges overcome by these women only bring them strong assets to the table career-wise. Through the everyday obstacles members of Chronic Boss Collective face, these women come out with resilience, work ethic, passion, and fire.

What does membership consist of?

Members get professional development and networking through the lens of living with a chronic condition. Here they find a space where they can show up and the other women in the room instantly just “get it.” Where one minute you can chat about health struggles and the next you can chat about business opportunities.

Membership of Chronic Boss Collective includes a monthly virtual mastermind with the entire national membership, to help women implement their health and career goals, and level up their lives. Membership also includes many networking opportunities such as monthly chapter meetings, and monthly Boss Boost professional development and wellness events that range from bake-alongs to mindfulness events, so members can collaborate all while ensuring they are taking care of themselves. Chronic Boss Collective also offers an array of offerings including guest speakers, mixers, seminars, and more.

Meet Lilly

It all started when Lilly was only 19 years old laying in a hospital bed. After getting diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases, she wondered if her life would ever be the way she hoped and dreamed it would be. Through her journey, she learned the importance of prioritizing her own health and wellness. She used her own experiences to assist and inspire other women with a similar goal. Lilly went on to become an internationally recognized patient advocate, businesswoman, philanthropist, and public speaker. In addition, she serves as the Board Chair of the autoimmune association and as a Board Member of the Brain Cancer Research Alliance. She credits her success to a non-negotiable dedication to prioritizing her health and wellness despite her busy days as a female founder.

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