Leveraging Experience as a Lifestyle Influencer To Start An Agency That Helps Brands & Influencers Connect

Find out how Chelsea Marrs, a popular Instagram influencer @chowdownusa,

and Rob Gann, a business manager and attorney, teamed up to to create their own business, Royal Horizon Media.

Hear about how they formed a business after seeing the need in this growing influencer industry, what it takes to be an influencer, and how brands can find influencers who are aligned with their goals.
Royal Horizon Media provides management to influencers, pairs influencers and brands together, and provides social media consulting.

You can find them at https://royalhorizonmedia.com and find Chelsea on Instagram @chowdownusa.

listen to the episode:

  1. […] With a background in Marketing from UCLA, and having grown her own influencer audience to over 50,000 followers, Chelsea Marrs built up enough client demand to leave her corporate job in 2020. She now shares her knowledge and experience to help businesses attract their ideal clients through Social Media Management and Influencer Marketing. Find her at royalhorizonmedia.com. You can also hear Chelsea on this past episode of Quotable: a female millennial entrepreneur podcast! […]

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