Quotable Podcast Episode


Lessons from 9 Years in Business

Have you been wondering what it takes to build a successful business?

I just celebrated 9 years in business and I’m sharing some of the unique keys to building a business with longevity that I have learned along the way. Listen in for some of my unpopular opinions that I attribute to helping me reach this milestone of 9 years in business.

In this episode you will hear:

-How to find success in business, while actually enjoying it
-How to see beyond the marketing strategies to what really matters in building a successful business
-Keys to building a sustainable business that lasts
-How over-delivery can help you build to the next stage in your business
-Why you should never underestimate relationship building
-Why mindset matters

I would love for you to share with me about your business journey and if these lessons resonated with you. If you have any other tips or ideas leave a comment under the post for this episode on our Instagram page @quotablemediaco, or shoot me a DM.

Listen to the episode:

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