Launching a New Banking Concept

Chelsea Kim is the co-founder and head of operations at Bella Loves Me,

the first banking service powered by love. Chelsea helped launch Bella during the pandemic, based on the purpose of creating a conversational banking experience. Bella currently offers checkings and savings accounts, but with a unique twist. Bella is all about helping your relationship with money be even more fun while giving tools to help you meet financial goals and eliminating your negative associations with finances.

In this episode you will hear:

-How they launched a new banking concept into the digital space during the pandemic
-How they created a banking experience centered around community and giving back
-How they launched a new company entirely remotely and navigated the digital space
-How their users are using Bella to pay it forward
-About Bella’s sunny day savings
-How Chelsea prioritizes her mental health & well being
-How her team stays connected using Donut

Connect with Chelsea and Bella Loves Me

Web: bellaloves.me
Instagram: @bellaloves.me
LinkedIn: @bellalovesme
LinkedIn: @chelsea-k-9142887

Listen to the episode

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