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Katya Libin is a Divine Feminine Leader

Katya Libin’s core values of channeling divine feminine, spirituality, and self-love have transformed her life personally and professionally. Her life mission is channeling her love and authenticity to connect female entrepreneurs.

Katya is the co-founder of Hey Mama, founder of Katya Libin & Co, and a startup advisor and investor with over nine companies under her belt. Today, she shares with us her newest business venture, centered around women empowerment and community building, Divine Feminine Leader.

Tell us about Divine Feminine Leader and what it’s all about:

Divine Feminine Leader is a sanctuary for members to join other women desiring to co-create wisdom, wealth, and power. Led by co-founders, longtime entrepreneurs and investors, Katya Libin and Olivia Steele, it’s a community where compassion reigns over competition, and leadership blooms from connection and collaboration.

The Collective 64 is an application-based collective to fuel the solid business leader to tap into her feminine power and cultivate a life of depth and abundance in community.

What resources do you provide to women?

Your Infinity 8: Meeting monthly in groups of eight for mandatory 90-minute “Infinity 8 download” sessions which provided leadership, guidance, and assigned roles.

New Age Leadership: Essential training to revolutionize with feminine principles, supplemented by ongoing case studies, showcasing women’s innovative partnerships, leadership, and life manifestation.

The Collective 64: Every woman in this container feels her unique calling and belonging, collectively creating a safe, inspiring space that transcends online and in-person experiences with quantum 5D energy.

Wealth Frameworks: Join us as we empower women to unlock collective wealth through collaborative synergy, strategic referrals, and innovative business streams, propelling success together.

Sound Alchemy & Hypnosis Meditations: Experience monthly virtual sound healings with high alchemy crystal bowls to elevate your vibration and foster community connection through transformative sound magic + monthly hypnosis meditations

Voice Transmissions: Channeled voice notes from the founders and fellow Collective64 participants to empower your daily journey, encouraging authenticity and full self-expression.

What inspired you to start your current company?

I believe every person is a spiritual person because we are all humans having a spiritual experience, but really discovering different explorations of consciousness and how divine feminine brings a new perspective, and that really intrigued me. As I started to learn more about the history of divine feminine and different ways of honoring the divine within myself, it led me to feel this immense sense of belonging in my own body and soul. I believe knowledge and wisdom are meant to be shared, so after coaching for years I thought it would be really powerful for us to have a collective where women could build together.

Imagine you have an epic awareness of something going on in your life, and you had a safe place to come and share that. Imagine you just had the best day in a long time, and you feel like you have so much joy and you want to come and share that too, and then another day you are really looking to create something and find a partner, and now you have a place to look. This is what the collective is all about. It’s really like the village I crave right now, the blend of spirituality, business, and energetics to be able to deepen into a beautiful life. For me, a beautiful life is the relationships we have that keep our lives longer. Studies show that women who surround themselves with other women, actually live longer, so basically I want to live a long gorgeous sexy fun playful adventurous life, and I know many other dynamic women who don’t want to do it without their tribe too

What is the single most valuable resource that your company offers to clients?

The community. The single most impactful part of the collective is going to be the other women within it because it is through those women that you will find immense connections, partnerships, and more. I think really being a part of something like this makes someone feel deeply supported, and that is something hard to describe. outside of the collective members itself are enriched with 12 principles of divine feminine leadership that will be deeply inspiring, applicable, and growth-oriented, so women are really able to learn what this is all about and start to put it all into practice together.

Do you have any big plans for the company in the near or far future?

Yes, we plan to expand our collectives over this year. We plan to have 4 to 6 new collectives launched so that our movement can grow. We believe that the power of this community will change people’s lives, and we’re really excited to see that pop up in both a virtual experience and then also in real life. We’re planning magical dinners, retreats, and sensory experiences to delight our community. This collective will live far beyond the screen. We are also excited because, in May, we will begin to host monthly men’s/partner circles So that the significant others of our members are also able to feel supported. We believe this is an important part of the community, and integrates not just the woman itself, but her partners and even her kids.

Where do you see this brand in ten years?

In 10 years, I see they’re being 64 collectives all over the world, I see us having an annual summit in an incredible location, I see women having been made millionaires from being within the community, and there being a tremendous amount of generosity and long-term relationships that have been created. I see us having an education hub where women could come to learn and master a new frequency of business for the conscious creators, and having a line of at-home products, like shower cards, journals, and more

What advice do you have for those just getting started on their businesses?

Build a team. I see too many women trying to build a business on their own and it just ends up being too much. When you can bring on a co-founder or a team, everyone gets to share in the upside and when things aren’t working, you’re working through them with someone else which automatically releases oxytocin and makes the process significantly more enjoyable. Don’t think that your business is too small to find a partner.

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