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Building a Baby and Mommy Clothing Company

Jennifer Teixeira is the owner of Sweet, Sweet Honey Hawaii, an adorable baby and mommy clothing

company that she started when she was unable to find clothes for her babies that fit her personality and style. Using her background in graphic design and fashion, she began creating her own prints and clothing for her children that morphed into this amazing business that has been booming, even through Covid.

Jennifer walks us through everything from why and how she started this clothing business to balancing it all while raising children. She offers so many nuggets of wisdom, you don’t want to miss this episode!

In this episode, you will hear:
-How and why Jennifer created Sweet, Sweet Honey Hawaii
-The way she balances her business and home through the craziness of Covid
-How she is successfully marketing her business
-Her advice for other entrepreneurs

Her best advice:

“The number one thing with all of this is your mindset- having that positive mindset, knowing you can get it done, and it is possible. Just believe in yourself.”

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