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Inspirational Tips for Aging Victoriously

Embarking on the journey of aging sounds challenging, doesn’t it? After the age of 50, our body changes due to hormone fluctuation and our energy slows down. That’s a fact—we can’t do anything about it, but we don’t need to surrender and be victimized, right? The aging journey doesn’t have to be an arduous mountain climb! It can be a relaxing stroll along a sunlit beach. The choice is yours! Below are 5 tips that I have been using for the last 15 years which has brought me vitality, passion, and “Joie de vivre.”

Change how you think about your age.

Your mind does not know the difference between what you think is real and what you imagine. Remember age is nothing more than a number, so what if you started imagining yourself the way that works for you? Wouldn’t you love to feel vibrant and passionate and to be wearing a big smile on your face, ready to share with your loved ones and the world your wins, your losses, and the wisdom you extracted from everything you did?

Develop a new language

Who could possibly be a better coach than yourself? Wouldn’t you prefer to love and support yourself more than to criticize and belittle? Adopt the language of the heart and tell yourself how amazing you are, declaring your victories and preparing for infinite possibilities.

Have a purpose

Ask yourself what you desire to accomplish, that you could not do before, because of lack of time or resources, or your many obligations. Remember, what you focus on expands and becomes your reality. Choose a goal that you know deep down will bring you joy and benefit those doing life with you.

Develop healthy habits

More than ever you need to keep your body healthy and strong. Inertia and lounging around are guaranteed to age you quickly, so move your body every day! Make sure your exercise practice incorporates elements of stretching and strengthening, since strong muscles mean strong bones. Eat healthy. I am sure you know what that means! By the way, please do yourself a favor, and seriously reduce your alcohol intake. Happy hour is not a happy journey for aging victoriously.

Keep a positive vision

Every night and morning picture yourself being filled with what you desire, and believe it will be! Victory to you! Victory is yours!

Edwige Gilbert, Transformation Guide and Founder of New Life Directions, reinvents lives and creates fresh starts driven by a purposeful vision. As an international speaker and author of The Fresh Start Promise and Victim to Victorious, Edwige turns stress into success by clearing unwanted habits and behaviors, creating self confidence and exuberant enjoyment of life, or as she calls it in French, “Joie de Vivre.” Find her at

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