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Human Design: An Energetic Blueprint of Yourself

A few short years ago, I was winning awards in the real estate industry, bringing in money to support my
family, and things looked pretty good… from the outside. What you couldn’t see, was that I felt like I was slowly dying inside. My anxiety was through the roof, I wasn’t sleeping well, I was constantly stressed about where I had to be and answering emails and phone calls fast enough. An entire summer went by and I hadn’t taken my daughter to the beach at all.

On top of that, I didn’t feel appreciated, abundant, and joyful. I remember thinking…” this can’t be it.”

Followed by… “But I have everything. Who am I to question this and be unhappy?”

What I didn’t realize at the time was I was a robot built by societal conditioning. I felt as though I had it all because I had a good career and an income, the husband and the family, was volunteering at my daughter’s school, and really looking like I had my crap together.

The problem? I was trying to find success according to someone else, not me. I was frustrated. I couldn’t keep the thoughts of “there has to be more than this” away.

I decided to be vulnerable, tell my husband how I was feeling, and get a life coach. This started my journey of healing, self-love, and understanding my authentic self in a world where you’re told not to be different.

A few years later, I invested in my first business coach (for a completely different business – so long, real estate!). She introduced me to something called Human Design, which she thought would help me
understand why I am the way I am. We looked up my chart (called a body graph), and I felt immediate relief. I wasn’t broken. There was nothing wrong with me. I’m not a quitter. I am quite literally designed to be someone who is multi-passionate and tries a lot of things, teaches others, then moves on from them. I’m. Not. Broken.

I had never felt so seen and heard in my entire life. This began my obsession with understanding more about Human Design.

So what is Human Design?

Imagine a system that is a guidebook to how you were built. That guidebook is called Human Design. Human Design is a system used to reveal your unique genetic design (like your energetic blueprint). It
shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, so you can live as your true, most authentic self. Think of it like an operating manual for your soul.

This is not like the Enneagram or other systems that are personality tests – Human Design combines astrology, the Chinese iChing, the Kabbalah, quantum physics, and Chakra systems. It is based on the energy from the sun at birth, which are called neutrinos (a subatomic particle). At the exact moment you are born, each planet is in a specific position, and those positions imprint you with their information.

Neutrinos are the most abundant particles in the universe and connect everything together. Thousands of neutrinos pass through your body every second, and these neutrinos are said to carry information that “flips a switch” in your DNA.

What does this really mean for us?

Each one of us has an energetic system that operates differently from another. Most of us are going through the movements of life as we’re taught or conditioned to, not as we’re energetically designed to.
This leads to frustration, bitterness, disempowerment, and burnout.

So what if we tap into what our unique needs are, instead of trying to force based on someone else?

Life is literally all about decisions. Everything you do is based on a decision. With Human Design, you’re capable of understanding how to make confident decisions that are aligned for you. You’re able to understand your behaviors and patterns and adjust accordingly, stepping into life with a power you’ve never experienced before.

Your body graph will show you many important pieces of information, but I recommend that my clients start with their type (Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector), strategy,
and authority as the basics. Your strategy is how you interact with stimulus from the outside world and how to best use your energy to avoid resistance. Your authority is how you are designed to make decisions. (You can get your free body graph at and if you’d like to learn more, book a reading on my website).

Human Design really supports you in building your confidence to make decisions that you know are aligned for you. When we’re living in alignment with who we’re truly meant to be, there’s a beautiful
comfort and flow to life, instead of the cycle of burnout and force we are conditioned to accept. Only with understanding and acceptance of who we are can we live out our purpose in the world.

This is exactly what happened to me after learning my design. I began making decisions based on my authority and making sure I was responding to my environment instead of forcing (I’m a Manifesting
Generator, by the way). Soon enough, my business began to gain momentum. My relationship with my husband was vibing high. I made beautiful new relationships with some of the most inspiring women
I’ve ever met. Life literally got easier.

If you’re asking…Is this real? Is it going to help me?

The real question to ask yourself when wondering if Human Design is a tool worth exploring, is does it resonate with you? Do you find it helpful? Does it bring meaning to you? If so, I encourage you to dive deeper into your design. Begin practicing your strategy and authority. Let life be easier. I know I’m never looking back.

ADRIANA KEEFE is a Life and Manifestation Coach who helps high achieving women create harmony in life without sacrificing their goals. Find her at and at Book a Chart Reading online.

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