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How (& Why) to Create a Media Kit for Your Business Right Now

While it feels like many things have been postponed

or are being put on hold right now, you can still do things to move your business forward. One of the things you can do during this time is update or create a media kit for your business. There are so many ways to use a media kit- whether it is to pitch to the media or to have a place with all of the important information about your business. Now is a great time to gather all of the information you may have somewhere and put it together in a beautiful document that is ready to share at any time.
Listen in to find out what exactly a media kit is and how you can put it together!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What a media kit is
  • Why it’s a great tool for media outreach
  • Why media kits are useful to have even if you don’t reach out to media
  • The difference between a business media kit and an influencer media kit

Let me know if you have any questions when you are putting yours together. I love to look over media kits, so if you want me to look over yours, just drop your link in the comments of our Instagram post for this episode. Also, if you have any questions about how to pitch your business during this time, please reach out.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Find my checklist on creating your media kit here.

This episode is sponsored by my DIY PR Course, “Make Your Brand Magnetic.” You can receive 20% off when you enter the code “FME.”

listen to the episode:

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