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How to Use Amazon to Grow Your Small Business

Amazon, the powerhouse of today’s world, brings you anything you can need almost instantly. But, did you know that you can use Amazon for so much more than to shop? Amazon has plenty of features to assist small businesses and to help entrepreneurs thrive. Here’s how to use Amazon features to grow your small business!

Amazon Business Account

Amazon Business is used for wholesale buying and can fit the needs of a business of any size. With Amazon Business, business owners can wholesale shop for their business while reducing paperwork. Creating an account is free of charge and connects you with hundreds of thousands of sellers. With settings that allow you to adjust your spending limit and procurement policies, Amazon Business ensures that you find the right seller for your business and your budget. Amazon Business also allows easy integration with software like Coupa that helps you track your purchases but allows easy direct purchasing on Amazon for those who don’t already use these types of software.

Amazon allows you to maintain your procurement by giving you the ability to set policies that align with your business’s brand, morals, and values. For example, do you have a local business? Amazon business will only connect you with wholesale sellers on a local level. Have a black-owned or a woman-owned business? Set these policies within your account and Amazon will prioritize black and woman-owned sellers. The same goes for brands that value ethical, cruelty-free, and vegan products. No matter what your business procurement is, Amazon Business has got you covered.

To create an Amazon Business account click here.

Amazon Small Business Academy

Amazon has created a space for entrepreneurs and small business owners to obtain all of the resources they need to grow their online businesses. Amazon Small Business Academy consists of a curriculum with three tracks: start, build, and launch. Participants can decide which track to start on based on where they are in the entrepreneurial journey. ASBA offers helpful webinars, Q&A sessions, a podcast, events, a networking community, and more that demonstrate the hard and soft skills needed to succeed as a current or upcoming entrepreneur.

The “classroom” is where you will find live webinars, information, and guidance based on what track you are on. Not sure what track you’re on? Take the self-assessment test to determine where to start.

The “start” track teaches you the basic fundamentals of running your own business, helps you discover your drive and passion to launch your business idea, and determine your target audience. The start track is ultimately for those who dream of starting their own business but have no idea where to start.

Next up is the Build Track. Now that you have your idea, it’s time to plan and perfect your business model. In this track, you’ll learn how to get your product to market and begin the procurement process.

Finally, the Launch Track. The Launch Track focuses on e-commerce, showing you the final steps of turning your business idea into a reality. Whether you want to sell your product through your own online store or become an Amazon retailer, the Launch Track can help!

To sign up for Amazon Small Business Academy visit:

Amazon Storefronts

Amazon is dedicated to the success and growth of small business owners, giving them plenty of opportunities to sell within Amazon stores. Becoming an Amazon seller is a great way to expedite your business growth, showcasing your product to over 300 million customers. Amazon allows any size business to create their own storefront no matter how big or small. They even celebrate small businesses by giving them a “Small Business badge” so that shoppers who are looking to support small businesses can differentiate these storefronts from the rest.

Amazon has made building your own storefront very easy and user-friendly. With easy-to-use templates to choose from, no website design or coding skills are necessary. Amazon storefronts are also easily integrable. Have an existing brand store? No problem. You are able to easily integrate your Amazon storefront into your existing sales channel. Have a large brand following on social media or trying to build your personal brand? Amazon has created “Influencer Storefronts” that allow you to easily share your URL with your followers.

To create your own Amazon storefront visit:

Anya Halecky is a Quotable Magazine Editorial intern and senior studying Journalism, Chinese Language, and Public Relations at the University of Arizona.

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