How to Start a Photography Business & How to Use Photography in Yours

Have you ever thought of starting a photography business

or do you need photography for your business? If you are thinking of starting a photography business, use social media, have a website, or would like great photos for your products or service then you don’t want to miss this episode!

Jessie Wyman from Jessie Wyman Photography is joining me today to discuss all things photography. Find out how she turned her photography hobby into a business all while working a corporate job. She gives advice on how to start a photography biz as well as when someone should hire a professional photographer or do it yourself. She even provides tips and tricks on how to get great photos by using your phone. You will find great business advice from this true female millennial entrepreneur!

To sign up for Jessie’s webinar on flatlay photography use this link:
Date: Thursday November 14th
Time: 2PM EST

Connect with Jessie and find her photography tutorials on Instagram @jessiewymanphotos.

She is also on Facebook at Jessie Wyman Photography.

listen to the episode:

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