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How to Reignite Your Motivation

Each and every one of us has experienced a lack of motivation from time to time, even when we absolutely love what we do. Being able to reignite or stay in that space of motivation, even when you’re not quite feeling it can be the difference that allows you to keep going and achieve long-term success. Sometimes all you need is a tiny reminder of how capable you are. A little confidence boost and positive reinforcement can go a long way to get yourself up-and-attem to fulfill even the smallest of daily wins!

Being self motivated is committing to and working toward fulfilling goals that you have a personal desire to achieve. We don’t need to use others as a crutch to inspire us. Let’s instead use our own talents and mindsets to uplift our goals.

So for those days when the hardest part is getting up and convincing yourself you can achieve the small or the big plans you laid out for today, use these tips for an extra ounce of motivation! Don’t forget: You’re in charge of your choices, and you have the power to do anything you want!

Remind Yourself What You’re Working Toward

Psychology today states, “To motivate yourself, you need to either change the situation or change your understanding of the situation.” Think back on why you want to accomplish the task on your list. The biggest part of inspiring yourself is considering if you really want to do that thing in the first place. If you do, remind yourself why you want to complete it. Consider how completing the small task will positively affect you. Ponder how you might be rewarded down the line once you get your work done.

Set goals and habits the night before

Set yourself up for success and prepare your day before it actually happens. If you have an outlined plan of what you’ll get done and when, you are more likely to actually get it done. Try building a schedule for the upcoming day: it can be quite general and consist of a list of things you would ideally like to complete, or it can specifically instruct you what to do and when to do it. Remember that everyone works and accomplishes things differently, so it may be trial and error to uncover how motivation manifests in you best.

Reward yourself for the small and big things

Incentives can be extremely successful when attempting self-motivation. If you need a reason to check something off your list, treat yourself after you achieve it. Whether it be something simple such as responding to a text only after you finish your task, or something bigger like rewarding yourself with a latte after your meetings, positive reinforcement is proven to be a great way to get things done. Remember that you deserve these rewards and don’t be too stern with yourself. If you don’t have time to finish a checklist item before your daily coffee, you are still allowed to have your coffee nonetheless.

Change your environment

A simple way to refresh your brain and reinspire yourself is to change the scenery. Working from home can make this especially difficult. Plan to get ready in the morning and head out to a cafe to get some work done. This new environment will distract you from the duties you might have at home and take your mind off of the world that remains outside of your favorite coffee shop. If you can’t make it out of the house, consider moving from your typical workspace to a new spot. Make sure it’s organized, peaceful, and undisturbed. You might just uncover a better work environment for yourself! A great way to keep up your motivation is to rearrange your space or change your scene whenever you feel lazy.

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Take Breaks

You don’t have to be the busiest bee in the hive to be successful. Allow yourself time to rejuvenate throughout the day. Once you finish one task, take a 5 minute breather to break up the day. Making your work more digestible is a great way to stay on top of things. Don’t let yourself get too distracted, set a timer for a few minutes to chill, then get right back into your grind when the alarm goes off. Once you take time for yourself, you should have a new sense of motivation to pick up where you left off.

Be okay with road bumps that don’t go how you envisioned

In any walk of life there will be hurdles. Even in your smallest duties you can feel drained, overworked, or fatigued. Expect these obstacles and allow them to exist in your timeline, but don’t dwell on them. When they come, do what you can to overcome them, and continue with your instilled plan. Preparing yourself for inevitable obstacles is the best way to ensure they don’t disturb your progress. Rather than letting them knock you down and break your motivational streak, jump right back up and continue about your tasks.

Building up self motivation can take time. You don’t need every day to be the most productive day of your life, just take small steps to get your responsibilities done. Keep in mind that rest, nutrition, and social time are all necessary parts of a well balanced routine as well.

While it can feel hard to self-motivate during the times when you’re just not feeling it, allow yourself a strong attempt at productivity. If these steps aren’t the answer for you, take time to relax and reset. Motivation can be found in a variety of different places. Whether that be internal or even from your most inspiring loved ones or friends, help yourself and take the steps to set yourself up for success.

Katie is a Senior at Indiana University – Bloomington, where she has double majors in Journalism (concentration in Public Relations & Strategic Communications) and Italian, as well as a minor in Apparel Merchandising. In her free time, she enjoys thrifting, reading, traveling, and crafting!

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