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How to Really Feel Ready to Press Send on That Pitch

Are your pitches just sitting in your drafts waiting for you to press send?

I’ve been there too, like so many of us have, and I want to help your pitches move from the drafts folder to sent! Sending out a new pitch can be nerve wracking, especially if you’re not feeling 100% confident. I find that people often get through what they think of as the hard part– coming up with ideas, building their media list, finding the media contact info, drafting a pitch, and then the minute they feel they should send the email there’s something that kind of holds them back or they get a little anxious about actually pressing send, without even really knowing why.

Usually feeling anxious about doing something like this comes from not feeling totally 100% sure about it- either that you’re doing it right or that it will come across right. So here are a couple of things that will make you more confident in feeling ready to actually press send, and even better, to feel excited for what will come from your pitch!

In this episode you will hear:

-Ways to connect with the media that will help your pitch stand out
-Why investing in your branding matters for pitching media
-Tips on how to clarify your ask
-What it means to stand by your pitch
-How to prepare for follow up questions

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