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How to Implement Genuine Networking and Build Supportive Communities with Amy Pocsik and Melissa Gilbo

If you’re feeling frustrated and isolated, constantly attending networking events and exchanging business cards but never forming genuine connections or receiving the support you crave, then you are not alone! Many female entrepreneurs are stuck in a cycle of surface-level interactions, lacking the deep relationships and supportive networks necessary for true success and fulfillment in business.

Meet guests Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik,

bursting with energy and enthusiasm and passionate about the power of connecting women. Melissa brings her two decades of experience from the insurance industry and Amy, a transition from her CPA career to a mortgage broker, to their current roles as co-founders of the Women’s Business League. Both realized the importance of establishing genuine relationships and supportive networks in strengthening businesses. Fuelled by a shared vision and a growing friendship, they crafted a unique platform that leads with kindness, generosity, and the objective of empowering women.

Women’s Business League is a community where women connect, grow and prosper. Founded by two North of Boston, MA moms and corporate refugees, Amy Pocsik and Melissa Gilbo, the Women’s Business League has reignited the power of networking. The core of their mission is kindness and community, values that drive the connections created amongst its members. Together, Pocsik and Gilbo, have created a community for female entrepreneurs and business women to come together, share resources, and promote their businesses.

Networking doesn’t have to suck. We created the Women’s Business League because we wanted to build a community that actually brings people together in a meaningful way. – Amy Pocsik

It’s about being intentional in your networking and building genuine relationships. That’s what sets us apart and has made us so successful. – Melissa Gilbo

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Delve into how purposeful networking can propel women’s business trajectory.
  • Unravel the transformative impact of fostering sincere relationships in your business network.
  • Know the key elements in building networking organizations with firm commitments to values.
  • Identify winning strategies to catapult the progress of your Women’s Business League.
  • Grasp the essence of incorporating support systems, education, and philanthropy in your networking practices.

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