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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Employees

As the busy end of the year approaches, gifting employees holiday goodies can seem like a trivial task among the many looming deadlines and planning. However, showing your employees how much you appreciate them can go a long way toward company morale, and is pretty important! Holiday gifting is a great way to show your employees that their contributions to the company are recognized and honored. Here are several gift ideas for the holiday season that can work for different types of companies that as a busy CEO you can easily order online and have delivered right to your office (or your employees home) front door.

Please note that we also have our main Quotable 2022 Gift Guide featuring female founders and small businesses coming out soon that we hope you will shop for the rest of your gifting needs this year, because we believe in supporting woman-owned companies whenever possible.

It can be difficult to find an employee gift that is loved by everyone at the company, but obviously it’s best if you can find something everyone will enjoy. The great thing is that many general gifts can work for everyone.

General Gifts:

Not every gift has to be tangible. Some of the best gifts an employer can give are ones that cannot be seen, gifts that show appreciation and understanding for how much that employee has done for your company, and best of all they appeal to everyone. Extended vacation time, more work-from-home days, or even holiday bonuses are great low-effort but high-reward gifts for this season.

One of our favorite gifts that is sure to make everyone happy is gift baskets, filled with plenty of useful items or snacks that can be fitting for any kind of workplace. Your employees will marvel at how thoughtful the gift is and will use it for weeks after the holidays. Gift baskets come in many variations and you can choose something that you believe best reflects the taste of your company and your employees.

#1 Holiday Basket/Box – a very simple holiday box with many delicious treats for employees to enjoy!

#2 Spa Basket – a way for your employees to relax and unwind in their homes!

#3 Coffee Basket – if you know that your employees cannot survive without their morning coffee then this is the one for them!

#4 Wine Country Basket – a perfect gift for employees to snack on! It can also be complementary to a bottle of wine.

Tech Companies:

Working in tech can be exciting as you find yourself in the know about the best software, hardware, or just simple gadgets that circulate in the tech world. This however can make gift-giving in a tech company much harder when it seems like everyone already has all the coolest new gadgets. However, there are some gifts that can be very useful to people in tech, and make their work and personal days much easier.

#1 Chair Cushion – tech jobs are similar to office jobs in the aspect of sitting in front of a computer all day, chair cushions can be a welcome addition to any desk chair.

#2 Lap Desk – if your staff consists of only work-from-home employees a desk that promotes relaxation can always be useful.

#3 Bluetooth Speaker – all work and no play makes for a very boring life. Help your employee’s work/life balance by making sure they can listen to music, podcasts, or simply calming sounds.

#4 Phone Banks -working in tech means often using your own phone. A portable phone bank can make sure you always keep a charge.

Food/Beverage Companies:

As yummy as gift baskets filled with fruit and chocolate can be, working with food all day can make the gift of more food seem unoriginal and predictable. But, there are plenty of food-related gifts that your employees are sure to love.

#1 Insulated Coffee Mug – no one ever complains about having one more coffee mug, especially an insulated and portable one.

#2 Cookbooks – Joshua Weissman is a TikTok sensation with his easy and delicious recipes. His cookbook is meant for everyone (of all skill levels) and is super affordable.

#3 Reusable Grocery Bags – a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift for the holidays to encourage conscious grocery shopping.

#4 Portable Blender – a portable blender that doubles as a water bottle for employees to use in and out of the office. It’s very efficient for everyday use and comes with a charger.

Office Jobs:

It’s understandable that when you’re out of the office you want to completely shut off, and probably the same can be said for your employees. However, if you want to get them something useful to use in the office there are plenty of gifts that can be so enjoyable and thoughtful this holiday season.

#1 Mini Vacuums – pencil shavings, cookie crumbs, dust… all of these can crowd an employee’s desk and make the office look and feel unclean. A trusty, silent, and small vacuum is exactly what they need.

#2 Desktop Organizers – avoid clutter completely with this handy and visually appealing organizer.

#3 Gratitude Journal – great for taking a refreshing break after work, they’re sure to be very reflective as well as interactive.

#4 Pen Set – in an office, pens go missing all the time. Here are a few extra (and they come with inspirational words on them!)

Health/Beauty Companies:

Health, beauty, and skincare companies work hard to improve peoples’ self-esteem, mental health and physical needs. Here are a few items that health and beauty employees will deeply appreciate.

#1 Humidifiers – great for the skin and the sinuses, and is sure to promote health

#2 Small Dumbbells – help your employees keep fit wherever they are! These are small enough to be kept by their desks, cars, or homes.

#3 Skincare Fridge – a trendy and helpful gift for anyone who loves skincare.

#4 Bath Robe – a gift that promotes relaxation is great for the holidays, it shows employees that you value their well-being.

Another great way to welcome the festive season is by making gift-giving a group activity! A unifying and hilarious game of white elephant or secret Santa can bring the office together and take the pressure off you for gift-giving this season! It’ll be incredibly interactive and an unforgettable bonding experience.

No matter what you celebrate, every holiday season should be a time of sharing and celebration. Your employees are an important and unique part of your company and should be recognized as such, so use this guide as a good place to start.

Ariel is a senior at Towson University studying mass communications and marketing. She loves shopping, trying new foods, and a good book and/or tv show and is always looking for recommendations.

(All images from Amazon. Quotable supports small businesses whenever possible so please be sure to check out our main Gift Guide as well!)

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