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Here’s What Actually Makes You Magnetic

Have you ever started to do PR outreach for your brand

but felt like something was holding you back? In this episode, I am diving into the mindset things that can hold you back, and discussing the importance of feeling fully prepped, in both mindset and materials, so that you have the confidence you need for successful outreach. As a PR Agency owner, I have seen how important it is for people to feel prepared and work through these potential blocks in order to reach success with PR, whether they’re doing it themselves or with an agency. It really is the difference between creating magnetic visibility and falling flat.

In this episode you will hear:

-Why mindset and materials are important
-Why you should do an honest audit of your brand
-How to overcome things that have held you back
-How to make sure your branding and messaging align
-Why passion and enthusiasm for your brand matter

Here is Episode 3: My #1 Mindset Shift to Get Comfortable With Promoting Yourself, which is referred to in the episode.

I would love to hear how this helped you! Comment on this episode’s Instagram post and let me know what roadblocks you are overcoming. If you have any other tips or ideas leave a comment under the post for this episode on our Instagram page @quotablemediaco, or shoot me a DM.

listen to the episode:

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