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Hehe Stewart on Building a Business By Intuition

How do you create and grow a business that is unique and provides that missing link?

In today’s episode, you will hear from Hehe Stewart, the founder of Tranquility by Hehe and the creator of The Birth Lounge and The Birth Lounge Podcast. She is talking all things pregnancy, babies, motherhood, birth, and all that wonderful, fun, scary stuff. She breaks through the taboos of talking about these things and has built an amazing business around that.

By seeing a need and a missing link in maternity care, she is bridging the gap by offering a range of services from pre-natal and pregnancy support to postpartum and overnight care. You will love hearing how Hehe gets fired up and shares with us her passion as she would like to help all women prepare for and experience their dream birth. With her background in human development and family studies, she offers a unique perspective and experience for mothers- and has turned that into a thriving business.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How listening to what people are asking for helped her create a unique business in her space
  • How she extended her reach by offering online services for those who are not local
  • Her insight and advice for entrepreneurs who are starting their own business

Thanks so much for listening!

Other resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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Find Hehe on Instagram @tranquilitybyhehe

listen to the episode:

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