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Group Program vs Self Paced Course- Why we relaunched our program BTS

Have you ever run your own online course or participated in a group program? There are pluses to both formats of online learning, and I personally have loved both in different instances. In this week’s episode I am diving into the behind the scenes of why I redesigned our previously self-paced DIY PR course into a new, more hands-on group program, and how that has brought better results for not only course enrollment, but also for those participating in the group program.

In this episode you will hear:

-The journey of starting the first online course to now- the relaunch 

-Why accountability is so important for results

-How community drives growth

-The logistics of how I’m running a group course

-Ways I’m using feedback from course members to expand the program

-Things we learned from the beta group and are adjusting moving forward 

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