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Give to Grow – You Get What You Grow

Boston’s Bold Moves Founder, Amy Pocsik Believes You Get What You Give

This past August, I had the amazing opportunity to guest on the Boston 25 Morning News. It was my first time on television, and I promise you, I brought my A game. I got the makeup done, I wore a suit I love with colors that pop!

I was there to share about how important the Women’s Business League (WBL) truly is, and how much women are accomplishing across the nation. It literally grew to over 49 chapters in 11 states in less than 5 years!

I co-founded WBL because I know how important it is to have a supportive professional community. It’s important to have a network and support system. This really hit home when COVID hit. I realized we had to offer our members resources to get through this time. They needed it, and we worked tirelessly to ensure they had what they needed to make it through. This only reinforced my belief that genuinely serving others first truly resonates with people.

It was through co-founding WBL and working with the members that I tapped into my true purpose: to ignite and support female entrepreneurs and help them build the lives they have always dreamed about.

I was an executive at one of Boston’s most prestigious accounting firms and landed a dream role. I had my MSA and CPA. I made six figures. I wore the pencil skirt. I “talked the talk” and did what they told me to do. I was a box checker who graduated to a ladder climber until I realized I was climbing someone else’s ladder.

While I was grateful for the success I had, I was dying inside. I was chained by the golden hand-cuffs of the corporate world, and felt caged by the glass ceiling.

When I decided to launch Bold Moves, I knew I would never look back. My former boss asked me what I would do if it didn’t work out, and I told him, “I’ll figure it out.”

It was one of the scariest, most liberating moments of my life.

But I also knew I had work to do. My results were 100% my responsibility.
I had to take radical accountability for myself, the life I wanted to build, and my business.

I had to do the inner work to get the outer results. I had to own my worth and my gifts, and in doing so, I would own my results.

I had to dissolve limiting beliefs and societal rules about not bragging and playing small. I had to let go of others’ opinions, boxes, and cages, because they kept me playing small.
I had to hold boundaries for myself instead of being walked over to benefit others’ agendas.

But how did I do this? And how can you do this? I’ll tell you: it’s a journey.
But it is so worth it because YOU are so worth it!

Here are a few things I practice regularly to deliver results, and my clients’ results to absolutely soar past their goals


1) Give yourself permission.

Give yourself permission to hold your boundaries. Give yourself permission to claim what you have done with confidence, and no guilt. The only person’s permission you need to step into your power is your own.

2) Give to others consistently.

Spend 30 minutes every week creating value for others through introductions, opportunities, referrals, resources, or support. This will expand your networks and propel you forward, whether you work in the corporate world or own your own business.


1) Embrace criticism.

Criticism is part of the growth process. You can do nothing, be nothing, and say nothing and you’ll never be criticized. Or, you can step up, play a big game in service to others, become visible and deal with a little nonsense along the way. But remember, anyone who you wouldn’t go to for advice doesn’t get a say. Focus more on the people who need you, than the people who want to tear you down.

2) Accept the offer.

Take the contract. Meet the dream client. Accept the award. When “the opportunity” finally arrives for you: don’t let imposter syndrome keep you from stepping into your worth. You are there at that moment receiving it because of the work you have done to get to where you are. Oprah said, “Luck is opportunity met with preparation.” Trust yourself and that you are capable.


1) Own your results.

Keep track of your results. If you don’t own it, you can’t articulate it and you can’t be paid for it. Use your results to get better, and go bigger. Don’t hold back. Tell your story. Share your wins! Reframe “bragging” to “education” in order to bring your message to those who need it most.

2) Grow with grace.

I can’t stress this enough. We can give others grace, but most of all, give yourself grace.
It is so important that you take care of yourself, and give yourself the grace to do the inner work, to hold the boundaries, to take time for yourself, to do the things that you want to do. Growing takes work.

Then, repeat: Give. Receive. Grow.

Nothing will propel you forward like creating value within your chosen community and fully accepting who you are and what you do.

Amy Pocsik is the Founder and CEO of Bold Moves and the Co-Founder of the Women’s Business League. Amy is a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council and has been featured in Fast Company, StartUp Nation, BostInno, the LA Times and Boston Channel 25 news. A North Shore native, Amy and her husband Chris live in West Newbury where they’re raising their two sons. Outside of empowering and encouraging female founders, you’ll find her in the hockey rink cheering on her boys! Find Amy at and at

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