Getting organized during busy times can be a difficult task, especially when you are feeling drained and exhausted by other responsibilities. It is easy for the stresses of life to prohibit you from feeling motivated to make progress in your organization, and the pile of obligations can feel like it is doubling in size by the day. Although these feelings can be overwhelming and disheartening, there are a few small ways that you can make progress in reorganizing yourself in 2023. Having a clean and organized space is a huge step in relieving stress and helping your creative flow.

Take it day-by-day

A trick to regaining an organized environment even when you are booked and busy is to tackle the process gradually with each new day. Do not overwhelm yourself by overthinking how much progress you need to make in the span of one day or one week. Instead, focus on a few tasks to complete each day and devote your time to them. Read more about how to implement time blocking to your daily schedule here.

For example, dedicate your free time during one day to reorganize drawers or do laundry. Then, take time the next day to clean your floors or wipe down countertops. If you are looking to reorganize in the workplace, take a day to go through your desk and get rid of any unwanted documents or trash. The next day you could make a small list of needed supplies and a few things that will brighten up your space and make it feel more inviting to you while you are at work. It is okay to take a few weeks to complete your cleaning if that is the time you need in order to truly feel satisfied with your progress and content with your efforts.

Be thorough in your process

When you start taking these processes day-by-day, you will find you have more time to dedicate to each task. You will have the clarity to really decide firmly what you need and what you do not. This will help you feel better about the process and more encouraged when you complete a step in your reorganization endeavors. It will also help you set aside the time needed to choose new supplies that you will enjoy having the most. Although this may seem like a small detail, having supplies that you like and are within your taste can be a game changer in your productivity and desire to work. So, next time you are organizing your space, take a day to go shopping and choose items that genuinely excite you.


The timing that you take on the task of getting organized is crucial to your success. If you try to take on reorganization during an extremely busy or mentally taxing time, you may find that you are not motivated enough to truly focus on the task. Just as it may be beneficial to set aside time each day for small tasks to complete over the course of a week, it could also be helpful to be consistent with your organization. Potentially, this could mean choosing one week each month to do your reorganization tasks and resupplying your workspace. This will prevent the process from becoming overwhelming, as you will not have as much clutter to deal with as the months progress.

Getting organized every month is important for many reasons. It can be beneficial to your mental health, happiness, productivity, motivation and help you think clearer at work. By taking it day-by-day, you are giving yourself space to dedicate to the process, ensuring that you have the most productive organization endeavor possible. Being thorough allows you to feel more encouraged when you complete a step and to find clarity in your accomplishments. Finally, the timing in which you take on this task is crucial to how efficient your efforts will be. Being organized will affect your performance in the workplace, and as a leader, this is crucial. It will help boost your display of leadership and show that you are serious about your position in the office.

Hannah is an intern at Quotable Magazine. She is a college senior, graduating in May with a bachelor’s in journalism and a minor in photography. She enjoys art, reading, fashion and spending time outside.

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