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Get Customers to Keep Coming Back for More

You started with this great idea for a product or business. Awesome! You put in the work to start your company, get the supplies needed, find the funds, maybe hire employees and now you’re selling your product to people all over. This is amazing! But maybe you’re starting to notice that you’re not having repeat customers, or in other words, you aren’t getting customers to re-buy or try other products from your business. Don’t fret – read our tips to get your customers to keep wanting more.

Follow up

It’s always important to follow up, but especially in the beginning of launching your business. Trying to get your name out there and having people try your products can be difficult in a world full of intense competition. One thing that can help you stand out is following up with those who decide to purchase your product. Keep an Excel spreadsheet or download a purchase report of which customers buy which products and when, and five days after the product has been delivered, send them a quick email to ask for their feedback, both good or bad. Giving them five days allows for time to try the product, maybe a few different times. Thank them for purchasing from you, and ask how you can improve. Customers want to be heard and appreciated, and this is a simple way to do that.

Make a User-Friendly Website

One of the best things you can do for your business is make the navigation or buying process simple and seamless. You want to create a user-friendly, easy-to-explore site that anyone can understand. Having a bunch of glitches or outdated links is a huge turn-off for potential customers. It makes your business seem less credible and trustworthy.

Have Surprise Sales

Who doesn’t love a good sale, right? We see sales all the time during special occasions and holidays, like Black Friday or Christmas, but why not do a random surprise sale on a Tuesday? Send an email out to your email list announcing the sale, advertise it on your socials and website, and watch your customers take advantage of the pleasant surprise! It could be just the push they needed to buy the five things in their cart.

Reward your Customers and Incentivize them to Shop More

This tip is great for first-time buyers. Once you notice a customer purchasing from your business for the first time, send them a coupon code to incentivize them to come back. A simple, “Hey, here’s 20% off your next order!” can easily create a repeat customer.

Have a Great Customer Service Line

Semrush reported that “89% of companies say that excellent customer service plays a huge role in customer retention.” If customers feel like they can’t reach you or you make it a difficult process to get in contact with you, you need to change your customer service. Offer phone, email and a chat option on the website, so customers can choose what communication mode they are most comfortable with. If you feel you do not have the time to allot for handling customer service, hire someone to solely focus on that. Without it, your buyers will not be as satisfied.

Create a Reward or Loyalty Program

We see a reward program at almost every big company. For example, Starbucks has a rewards program where if you get to a certain number of “stars,” you can get a free drink, free bakery item, etc. It almost makes it fun and like a competition for customers to see how many rewards or points they can get. It encourages customers to come back and keep buying in order to get that ending reward.

Always be Looking to Create Something New

We get it, creating just one product can be a long and exhausting process. You have to go through so many steps with approval, funding, resourcing and everything in between. However, don’t let yourself get comfortable. This isn’t to say that you can’t give yourself a break and some rest. If you just released a new product, enjoy it and be proud of it. But once that excitement has settled and it has had its time to shine, start thinking of something new. There is no ending to growth. Semrush reported that “Existing customers are 50% more likely to try your business’s new product.” There is always something new you can be creating or brainstorming. Selling the same product over and over, especially if it’s more of a “one-time-buy” product, isn’t going to get your customers to keep coming back.

At the end of the day, your customers are what keeps your business alive. You need to make them a priority and put them first. If they feel unheard or dissatisfied, it’s important to listen and do whatever it takes to provide a solution. They are supporting you, so support them, too! Next time you’re stuck on how to get a customer to come back, keep these tips in mind.

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