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Gender Neutral Kid Subscription Box

Jenn and Shannen have been best friends for 20 years and are founders of Kidspire Crate.

In the last few years, they’ve grown their families with both boys and girls which propelled them into the world of family, motherhood, and parenting. Oh, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

They love reading with their kids and believe books are important for every family. They offer us ideas about the world, transport us to new places and help teach valuable life lessons. While encouraging a love of reading on a daily basis, they noticed a surprising lack of gender and racial diversity in the characters in the books. In 2020, this is both surprising and disappointing. Hence Kidspire Crate was born!

Their mission is simple: to highlight the achievements of women, through powerful stories and stimulating activities, at a critical time in every child’s life.

They’ve spent hundreds of hours researching themes, activities, and books to ensure little ones are surprised and delighted every month. And parents get some free time back to focus on the fun stuff. All children benefit from seeing girls in protagonist roles, breaking barriers and achieving great things and they take great strides to ensure the activities, toys and fun are for any child.

Their Best Advice:

“We wish we knew, at the beginning, how many companies are involved in starting your business. The different companies from getting your domain, hosting your domain, your ecommerce website, your shopping cart, payment, your shipping, all the different aspects that come into just that one process has been really surprising for us.”

“Sometimes what you think is going to work at the beginning doesn’t end up working out in the end. And that it’s okay to just re-evaluate where you’re at when it’s maybe not the vision you had at the beginning.”

“It’s important to just start. The best businesses are solving a pain point in the world.”

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