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Finding a Pitch-Worthy Angle

Almost anyone can use PR in their business and benefit from it,

you just have to find the right pitch for each outlet. It’s really important to be clear on what the angle is that you are pitching, and that you’re pitching the best possible angle each time. If you go with the wrong pitch you won’t get coverage, as simple as that.

So the question isn’t can you do PR or not, it’s figuring out which things are worth pitching and which are not. It’s figuring out where you should really be putting your PR efforts and how to create the right angle for each endeavor.
Listen in to find out how you can determine a pitchable angle for your business and where you should be putting your PR efforts!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why it is important to be clear on the angle that you are pitching
  • Things to keep in mind to identify if you have a pitchable angle
  • Some things that are not pitch worthy

Hopefully listening to this episode will help you come up with some pitchable angle ideas for your brand! Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments on this episode’s Instagram post or message me directly.

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Listen to the episode:

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