Female Founded Gift Guide 2023

For our Female Founder Gift Guide 2023 we pulled together a few of our favorite items for unique and thoughtful gifts this year from fellow female founded companies that we thought you’d love.

Our list is smaller and more concise than the past few years, but our picks from last year are all still so applicable as well, so we highly encourage you to revisit it and shop from our gift guide from 2022, and even our gift guide from 2021 this year again, because most of those items will all still make great gifts this year too!

Girl Gang Bag ($23.95)

These Girl Gang Bags are perfectly designed for today’s fun, fierce, and unapologetic woman. Also coming in pouch size (for $17.95) these bags are a great gift for every fierce and confident woman in your life.

Created by Brittany Wolf, the founder of SHEWOLF Designs, an outspoken infertility warrior, LGBTQ+ ally and femmpreneur dedicated to giving back, who’s passionate about designing bold yet relatable products that help women feel seen. SHEWOLF’s witty stationery and gifts empower women to confidently take up space and live their best lives out loud—all without saying a word! 

The Tucker Sash ($55)

Perfect for your sister, mom, or grandmother, The Tucker Sash is a versatile and fashion forward accessory that can be worn in multiple ways – around your neck, waist, a handbag or your hair. We love an accessory that works just as hard as we do!

A sustainable fashion brand founded by Gaby Basora, all Tucker items are manufactured “on-demand”, meaning the item is not created until consumers buy it to ensure there is no wasted inventory.

Off The Record Card Game $28.50
For family or friends you’d like to get to go a little bit deeper with, Off The Record is the card game for accelerating human connection by embracing small talk as the gateway to unforgettable conversations. Each card contains 2 questions; the top question is light and small-talky, while the bottom question dives deeper. Safe to play with anyone, it allows you to meet new folks, strengthen old ties, and let the connections roll!

Founded by Katarina Terentieva, who also is the Chief Creative Officer at a creative agency, she took questions she asked clients in her advertising career to dig deeper and create meaningful stories to create this game.     

The Price We Pay Book ($34.95)

Nikki T. Anthony’s new book, The Price We Pay, is a YA novel about the price families and communities pay when people remain silent and do nothing to stop racism in its tracks. The Price We Pay, coined the To Kill a Mockingbird of the 21st century, depicts the ultimate price that is paid by those who choose to remain silent, and by those who choose to speak up. The conversation starter of the 21st century will help bridge the gap between races by encouraging and cultivating open, honest, and thoughtful discussions that lead to conversations of the heart and mind. A great gift for a sister or friend- get a copy for each of you and discuss after you’ve both read it.

The CIFARI Warm Light Packable Jacket ($188 but currently on sale)
This is a versatile and thoughtful gift for the women in your life who are always cold. It’s a multifunctional jacket in a one-size-fits-most design, it’s meant to be your own personal warming hut that you can pull on over anything at any chilly moment, that also packs up into its own sleeve and weighs less than a pound. So easy to toss in your bag and keep with you at all times. $188

Founded by Susan Buchanan Millard, in the midst of the Covid pandemic when going to a restaurant meant outdoor dining no matter the weather and she thought it would be easier with a layer that was always at the ready. There’s also a kids version, and all products are 30% off for Black Friday right now.

Bookworm Definition Print on Handmade Paper ($14 for print, $28 for frame)        

Perfect for any booklover, this bookworm print from Alison Rose Vintage is a thoughtful reminder of what they love most. A bookworm is someone who has a strong affection for books, is a lover of words, and a daydreamer. These words are printed in a typewriter font on beautiful handmade paper in a 5×7 size(other sizes available). The print comes individually, but add the pressed glass vintage-inspired frame for $28 and it makes an adorable gift that feels like a keepsake.

Created by Alison Rose, a self-described old soul with a generous heart who’s deeply passionate about words and giving, The goal of Alison Rose Vintage is to spread love and hope, giving you and your loved ones word art to look at and share that encourages, inspires, and comforts.

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