Essentials You Need When Working from Home

Working from home is the new norm, so why not do it in style? Here are six essential tools to make your work days easier.

Work from the Couch

Working from a laptop and sitting at a desk all day can be difficult when your bed or couch is taunting you from just a few feet away. Lap desks are a life-saver when working on a plush surface that won’t cause a crick in your neck. And better yet, there’s so many options.

If you prefer working at a table, there’s plenty of folding desk options that create a mini table top right above your legs. The Folding Lap Desk on Amazon even has a built-in cup holder, non-slip legs, and a tablet or phone slot.

For one that can simply sit on your thighs there’s the cushioned table top with a device ledge, mouse pad, and phone holder: Cushioned Lap Desk

While both of those options are around $30, there are more affordable options with simpler amenities. An option that provides space for a laptop and phone slot, or one that is just meant for a laptop.

Keep your Daily Drinks Warm

As the days get colder, warm drinks will be our safe haven, but not when they get cold within minutes. Having an electric mug warmer is ideal to continue working without having to worry about finishing a drink before it gets cold or getting up to reheat it.

For under $15, this Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is essential for a leisurely coffee extravaganza. Slightly more expensive options, at around $20, come with more features, like auto shut off and indicator lights to tell you when the temperature is just hot enough that it won’t burn your tongue.

Work on the Go

Working from home can get exhausting because of the mere lack of movement, which is why having a walking treadmill to put under a standing desk is great to show your muscles some action.

Firstly, having an adjustable desk that can turn into a standing table is great to give your butt a break and your legs some responsibility. For options under $100, that mostly consist of a smaller table top, there is the Sweetcrispy 19×26 inch workstation.

Once your table is lifted, the next step is to place a treadmill or walking pad beneath it to get some cardio into an otherwise stagnant workday. While options are mostly around $300, they are an investment for busy days that won’t allow a walk outdoors or a trip to the gym. The DAEYEGIM Under Desk Treadmill includes a remote control, with no assembly needed and an LED display that tracks speed, time, distance, and calories burned. A great foldable option is Ksports 3-in-1 Treadmill that incorporates a bluetooth speaker, the FitShow App, and equipment for core workouts. There are also two LED displays—one for running and the other for walking—that track time, distance, calories, and speed.

Organize your Day

Organization is essential when working from home, especially when there’s no one around to remind you of certain appointments or events. Having a daily planner, detailing both personal and professional notes, is both helpful and stress-relieving when working from home holds more responsibilities than those just work-related. See our article Our Favorite Planners for 2022.

This to-do list notepad is perfect for day-to-day planning, consisting of an ultimate to-do list, top priorities section, “for tomorrow” area, and box for other notes. For a more traditional planner, a non-dated notebook with a time schedule, to-do list section, and top priorities area is another great way to organize your day. Last but not least, a classic 12-month planner with daily and monthly planning is definitely another great option.

Other forms of organization—like pencil/pen holders, folders, binders, and more—can decrease clutter and create a clean working space. An office desk organizer for less than $20 is perfect to do just that. A charging station for multiple devices—like tablets, phones, watches, earphones, etc—is another fun way to declutter your desk, as is a more expensive and aesthetically pleasing bookshelf organizer with drawers and shelves.

Look Professional to Feel Professional

Working from home means video calls, which means professional wear on top and pajamas on the bottom. Here are some cute yet comfy clothing options that are perfect for a video call, even if you’re wearing bunny slippers.

We love this Loose, Colorful Sweater, this 2 Piece Lounge Set with Collared Sweater, this Mock Turtleneck Top, and this Wool Flannel, Plaid Shacket.

Working from home can be harder than going into the office, so making your space and day easier is vital for productivity. Investing in items that can make your at-home workspace feel more comfortable and professional can be fun and fulfilling by the time your long day ends.

Mariyam is a junior at Emerson College who loves to spend time wandering around Boston, reading interesting books, and eating a lot of food.
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