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Empowering Wellness and Wanderlust with Nourish & Glow

Ashley L, Founder of Nourish & Glow Wellness, translates her personal wellness and self-care journey into her entrepreneurial endeavors, believing and preaching that “self-care is essential, not selfish”. Running her business while simultaneously working as a digital nomad, Ashley grounds herself and her success by adhering to a holistic lifestyle. Ashley’s mission is to show her consumers that health and wellness are of utmost importance when it comes to flourishing in diverse environments.

Ashley founded Nourish & Glow Wellness in 2017 when she came across the need for holistic healing within the Black community. Now, Nourish & Glow Wellness serves a plethora of women, nourishing them with their herbal wellness products, programs, and retreats.

What is the mission of Nourish & Glow? Any Future Plans?

Nourish & Glow Wellness is rooted in the mission to empower holistic wellness by blending natural herbal remedies with digital innovation. Our goals are to nurture health, clarity, and vitality, fostering balance and inner glow in the modern world. The inspiration came from my personal wellness journey and the desire to share the power of nature combined with technology to enhance people’s lives. Our future plans include expanding our digital wellness platform, introducing new natural products, and building a community where everyone feels supported in their wellness journey.

Tell us about your career journey.

My career journey has been a blend of curiosity, learning, and the drive to make a meaningful impact. The leap into entrepreneurship was fueled by a desire to create something that resonated with my core values and offered a solution to real-world problems. My interest in the wellness industry sparked from my personal challenges and the realization that holistic well-being is foundational to living a fulfilled life. The journey wasn’t just about starting a business; it was about embarking on a mission to make wellness accessible and empowering for everyone.

What does your day-to-day life look like as a digital nomad?

As a digital nomad, my day-to-day life involves a balance of work, wellness practices, and exploration. Staying grounded involves maintaining a routine that includes meditation, exercise, and healthy eating, no matter where in the world I am. Regular check-ins with my team and community keep me connected and focused.

What does your morning routine look like?

My journey has been shaped significantly by a meticulously crafted morning routine, which I believe is a cornerstone of my daily success. My belief in the power of a good morning routine stems from its transformative impact on my productivity and mental clarity. As someone who navigates different time zones and cultures, establishing a consistent morning routine provides a sense of stability and control. Each day begins with a commitment to self-care and mindfulness. Here’s a glimpse into my morning routine:

6:30 AM: Aligning with my natural sleep cycle, I wake up early to make the most of the day. This also helps in dealing with different time zones.
6:45 AM: I start with a glass of water to rehydrate, followed by a 15-minute meditation session to center my thoughts.
7:00 AM: A 30-minute workout, be it yoga or spin class energizes my body and mind.
7:30 AM: I nourish my body with a balanced breakfast, crucial for sustained energy levels.
8:00 AM: Using my iPhone Notepad, I review and update my tasks for the day. This not only keeps me organized but also offers a clear direction.

How has consistent traveling influenced your life?

Travel has been an integral part of my life, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth, learning, and inspiration. It has opened my eyes to different cultures’ wellness practices and taught me the importance of adaptability and open-mindedness. Travel has enriched my life and business, allowing me to bring a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to Nourish & Glow Wellness.

How did you begin your wellness journey?

My wellness journey began with a personal quest for balance and healing. For those looking to start their journey, my advice is to start small with achievable changes, stay curious, and be patient with yourself. Wellness is a personal and evolving journey.

Do you have any wellness/holistic health tips and tricks for fellow female entrepreneurs?

Prioritize self-care as non-negotiable, find a wellness routine that energizes you, and don’t hesitate to seek support from a community or professionals. Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with personal well-being is crucial for sustained success and happiness.

What advice do you have for women who are looking to travel while simultaneously growing their careers?

My advice is to embrace flexibility and seek out remote or flexible work opportunities that align with your career goals. Use travel as a means to inspire creativity, network globally, and understand diverse market needs. Travel can be a powerful tool for personal and professional growth if navigated thoughtfully.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a female entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges, including overcoming gender biases and finding work-life balance amidst societal expectations. However, there are also incredible opportunities for women to bring diverse perspectives, drive innovation, and support each other in overcoming barriers. The biggest challenges have been navigating these dynamics while staying true to my vision and values. Resilience, community support, and a commitment to continuous learning have been key to overcoming obstacles. In summary, the journey of entrepreneurship and leading a wellness-focused lifestyle, especially as a woman and a digital nomad, is filled with challenges and rewards. It’s about embracing the journey, staying committed to your mission, and continuously learning and adapting to grow both personally and professionally.

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