Health Care Options for Entrepreneurs

If access to health insurance is a barrier to you

starting your business or if your health insurance costs are high, then you must listen to today’s episode! Elizabeth Hallgren is the Co-founder and CEO of Mission Direct Primary Care which is a membership based family medicine clinic that does not take or bill health insurance. Instead they provide the highest quality primary care for a monthly membership fee. Her company is based on the Direct Primary Care model which has been around for 10 years. The notion that we only have access to health care if we have insurance is just not true. Elizabeth walks us through how to evaluate our health care needs to determine the best fit for our health and our wallet!

Elizabeth and her husband, John, started their business last year because they really wanted to bring back the doctor/patient relationships which are shown to keep people healthier and have better health outcomes. Elizabeth’s background is in entrepreneurship and marketing/consulting while her husband is a family practice physician who just recently retired from the Air Force. They are teaming up to provide meaningful relationships between patient and doctor, access to a doctor when needed, and maximize the value received for health care dollars.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How and why Elizabeth and John started their business, Mission Direct Primary Care
  • What Direct Primary Care is and how it could be an answer to helping entrepreneurs start their businesses without worrying about health insurance
  • What Elizabeth’s biggest barrier is to growing their business and her advice for entrepreneurs

Thanks so much for listening!

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