Keren De Zwert


Easy, Proactive Legal Advice for Business Owners

For business owners who have no idea where to get started with the legal stuff, it can feel overwhelming.


Listen in as Keren De Zwart fills us in on how it doesn’t have to be so scary.

Should you have a sole proprietorship or an LLC? Does your business name need to be trademarked or copyrighted? What are some of the most important documents that you should have in place for your business? While all of these are specific to an individual, you will walk away with what you should do to find the answers to these questions so your business is properly set up, maintained, and protected.

After working for 10 years in the corporate arena, Keren had a desire to fill the legal gap for entrepreneurs and small businesses by replacing the outdated billable hour model with flat-fee pricing. With a decade of experience in corporate transactions, Keren has worked with every type of business: from side hustlers to raising millions of dollars and taking companies public. Today, she helps entrepreneurs get #legallylegit through her law firm, Not Your Father’s Lawyer. She resides in Orange County, California, with her husband and two children.

In this episode, you will hear:
-How Keren started her business by accident and how she planned to leave her corporate job
-The difference between a traditional legal model and what she provides
-Her tips for simple things you can do to take action and create protections
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Her best advice:

“My advice is it’s okay to take the slow path. It’s okay to do it the safe way. You can be risk averse and an entrepreneur. Those are not mutually exclusive.”

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