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Curate A Stunning Mother’s Day Gift Box

With tips from the gifting experts at Belle Box Co

  1. MAKE IT PERSONAL. Adding a personalized detail to your gift always elevates the presentation and adds to that element of surprise. Get creative with your personalization- add their name, nickname, or even a signature quote to a product inside or the packaging, choose an item that has their favorite motif, pattern, color, or scent. Even something as simple as a handwritten note vs. the standard “Happy Mothers Day” card can take a traditional holiday gift from uninspiring to unforgettable.
  2. PICK A THEME and coordinate items for a cohesive look. Think of that person and what category of products might appeal to them. Do they want to be pampered with a self-care box? Do they want to celebrate spring with some gardening essentials? Or maybe they long for summer cocktails by the water? Whatever theme you choose- select your products thoughtfully and coordinate based on style, color, scent, or flavor. Do this for a perfectly polished presentation.
  3. CHOOSE SMALL. Buying a unique product from an artisan, a maker, or a small business may be compact in size, but holds more value than you will ever know! Because products like these are not mass produced, each candle, bracelet, specialty soap etc feels exclusively made for that one lucky mom who will receive it.

Or, leave it to the experts! Shop perfectly curated gift boxes for Mother’s Day by Belle Box Co, and use their custom gift design concierge service for social or corporate events and client or team appreciation gifts.

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