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Cuddly Comfort: Embrace the Boston Cozy Gear Scene

This summer, embrace the warmth and style of local, women-founded lifestyle brands revolutionizing cozy gear. Seeking vintage-inspired loungewear, fashion-forward activewear, or versatile essentials? 1987 Loungewear, Booty By Brabants, and Kada have you covered. Discover chic designs, empowering allure, and ever-evolving versatility. Each brand embodies its founder’s vision and passion, promising snug, fabulous looks with ethical practices for a cleaner world. Scroll to learn about these incredible women-founded brands redefining Boston’s cozy gear scene.

1987 Loungewear by Jennifer D’Angelis

Get ready to swoon over 1987 Loungewear, the charming brand brought to life by talented founder, Jennifer D’Angelis. With its delightful vintage-inspired designs and cozy comfort, 1987 Loungewear captures the essence of laid-back luxury. From their soft loungewear sets to cozy accessories, each piece is crafted with love and attention to detail. Embrace the retro vibes and indulge in the ultimate lounging experience with 1987 Loungewear. Join the adoring fans of this cute brand and elevate your relaxation game with Jennifer D’Angelis’ timeless creations. Prepare to feel cozy, stylish, and utterly fabulous in 1987 Loungewear.

Find 1987 at shop1987.com1987 Quotable Magazine

Booty By Brabants by Kelly Brabant

Prepare to be obsessed with Booty By Brabants, the brand founded by the incredible Kelly Brabant. With its irresistible charm and empowering designs, Booty By Brabants is a must-have for anyone looking to embrace their curves and feel amazing while breaking a sweat. From their signature leggings to stylish activewear, this brand delivers fashion-forward pieces that hug your body in all the right places. Join the Booty By Brabants community and experience the confidence-boosting power of their trendy and functional workout gear. Get ready to slay your fitness goals with style and sass, all thanks to Kelly Brabant’s incredible vision.

Find Booty by Brabants at and shop in store at 1140 Market Street Lynnfield, MA, and 636 Legacy Place, Dedham MA 02026Booty By Brabants Quotable Magazine

Kada by Kassia Davis

Check out Kada, the stylish brand founded by the visionary Kassia Davis. With the belief that every woman is ever-changing, Kada creates versatile pieces that effortlessly adapt to your style and mood. Whether you want to dress up or down, exude edginess or femininity, Kada has got you covered for every occasion. Their timeless designs are crafted to withstand the test of time, becoming essential pieces in your wardrobe as you continue to evolve and express yourself. With a focus on ethical practices, Kada promotes a cleaner and safer world for all. They celebrate the concept of evolution not only in their designs but also in their commitment to creating a positive impact.

Find Kada at and shop at the seasonal pop up in the Boston Seaport.Kada Quotable Magazine

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