Quotable Podcast Episode


Creating Conscious Goals in Business & Life

Are you being passive with your goals or even your life?

Are you checking in with your goals regularly? Are you asking yourself how you are feeling about them? Are you still excited about them?

It is important to stay conscious about your goals and be really mindful about what you are working towards. Things are always changing- the world is changing and you are changing- so don’t wait too late to check in with your goals to make sure they still align with what it is you want for your business and for your life. It is absolutely okay to make changes and pivot your business so that what you are working towards makes the most sense for you. That is what is one of the best things about being in charge of your own business- you can make a change whenever you want!

So stop going through the motions. Be mindful and make conscious decisions about your business and life.

In this episode, you will hear:

-Why it’s important to check in on your goals regularly
-How to stay mindful and conscious about your goals
-Why it is okay to shift or change your goals

listen to the episode:

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