Creating an International Company Around the Business of Art

Is it possible to be a creative entrepreneur or an artist

and do all the things it takes to run a successful business? We will learn from someone who knows first hand that, yes, you can! Heidi Luerra joins me today to talk about how she went from a fashion designer at age 19 to starting and running an international business and most recently, writing a book titled, “The Work of Art: A No Nonsense Field Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs.”

Heidi is the Founder and CEO of RAW Artists which is the world’s largest independent arts organization. Their mission is to provide tools, resources, exposure, and education to independent artists and creative entrepreneurs. They showcase events in over 70 cities around the world and have an online platform as well.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Heidi started her company because she saw a need
  • Insight into how her business works behind the scenes, and what it’s like running a company with multiple locations
  • How and why she wrote her book

Whether you are a creative entrepreneur or not, you will definitely benefit from listening to Heidi’s business and life advice in this episode.

Thanks so much for listening!

To connect with Heidi, visit her website at https://www.heidiluerra.com/

To find out more about RAW Artists, visit https://rawartists.com/

You can purchase her book, “The Work of Art: A No Nonsense Field Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs” on her website here: https://www.heidiluerra.com/theworkofart

listen to the episode:

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